Communication Capstone Project Ideas

by Loraine Walters
Created: 27.02.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Communication Capstone Project Ideas

List of 45 Communication Capstone Project Ideas

  1. A public communication strategy for the national park service: crowdsourcing citizen science through the use of geocaching
  2. A recipe for disaster: social media best practices in crisis communication
  3. Buzzing with Bey: How a global pop icon disrupted the music industry using unconventional marketing wisdom
  4. Combatting discrimination: microagressions and social media
  5. Communication apprehension among lawyers
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  7. Communication attitudes study that is obtained from conferences of parent teacher
  8. Communication in practices
  9. Communication perspective about religious glossolalia phenomenon
  10. Communication: conceptual and structural analysis
  11. Competitive extracurricular speech activities status in secondary schools in Minnesota
  12. Crisis response strategies in major league Baseball
  13. Digital dating in an unbalanced playing field: the rise of niche mobile dating apps for black professionals
  14. Do we care? The power of brand recognition in a social marketing campaign
  15. Effectiveness of research in persuasive communications
  16. Effects of a spoke-person’s ethnicity for Chinese international firms in an overseas food safety crisis scenario
  17. Exploring motivations of using second screen devices while watching TV
  18. Framing as it applies to economic crisis in the United States
  19. Harry Potter and the expanding narrative: transmedia storytelling, participatory culture and the Harry Potter Universe
  20. How is social media used by politicians? A content analysis of how Donald Trump uses Twitter to engage voters leading up to the 2016 Super Tuesday primary
  21. Individual speech contest events: a comparative study
  22. Instagram, Tweet, Travel, Repeat: Social media influence on travel planning
  23. Intercultural communication effect on cross-cultural attitudes of students in USA
  24. Interpersonal communication in the working environment
  25. Leadership, persuasion and emotional intelligence
  26. Male communication patters study
  27. Middle school speech
  28. Mobile phones communication: perceptions of Egyptians
  29. Online relationship management: exploring how YouTube creators build and maintain relationships in the YouTube beauty community
  30. Perception about managerial competency of employee and superior-subordinate communication
  31. Personal protest rhetoric
  32. Philosophies and practices investigation about non-academic speech courses
  33. Process of dialectic
  34. Public diplomacy and framing: A case study on North Korea
  35. Public speaking communication apprehension
  36. Speech communication critical thinking
  37. Speech student fundamentals and apprehension fantasies on communication
  38. Teacher-positioning effect: A study about speaking student’s communication apprehension
  39. Teenager’s media consumption and perception of mental illness
  40. The Duchess of Cambridge and the role of modern European monarchies in public diplomacy
  41. The effects of race/ethnicity and gender on medical perceptions of news stories.
  42. The impact of Facebook on attitudes about marriage and children for American women in their twenties.
  43. The lung cancer alliance’s avenues to fight stigma against lung cancer – a case study.
  44. The military, the media and the post-traumatic stress disorder: Analysis of media framing and post 9/11 service member’s decisions to seek help
  45. Visual symbols abductive interpretation
  46. Why Hispanics use Facebook and Twitter: Uses and gratifications approach

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