Management Capstone Project Ideas

by Loraine Walters
Created: 27.02.2019
Updated: 24.12.2019

List of 38 Management Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Business process outsourcing management issues
  2. Capital structure and corporate strategy: effects and influences
  3. Cultural differences and management processes
  4. Customer service in restaurants: detailed analysis.
  5. Describe e-commerce globalization problems;
  6. Developing countries and effective management practices
  7. E-commerce development and modern trends.
  8. Environmental supply chain management basics
  9. Ethical thinking in modern management practice
  10. Globalization and customization: what is the difference?
  11. Globalization and diversity management
  12. How can crisis management influence business?
  13. How to avoid multinational management challenges
  14. How to choose the best strategy in public relations?
  15. How to integrate globalization in e-business
  16. Innovative ways of capital investment and rate of return
  17. Large team conflict management
  18. Large teams and problems that occur for managers;
  19. Management and cultural differences
  20. Multicultural management and strategies to avoid conflicts;
  21. Outsourcing issues of the last decade;
  22. Problem thinking business approaches
  23. Project Management in promotion campaigns
  24. Project management in the shipbuilding industry.
  25. Public relations and best practices
  26. Public relationships practices for better communication;
  27. Relationships with suppliers and its importance
  28. Religious differences in business management;
  29. Religious differences influence on people in the same office space;
  30. Significant events and their influence on media;
  31. Small country development with an effective management strategy;
  32. Specific events and media relations management
  33. The best management methods for environmental supply;
  34. The latest in human resources management
  35. Ways to develop an innovative management system in business.
  36. Why is franchising system efficient in various business spheres?
  37. Why is risk management necessary to any business?
  38. Women empowerment in the financial sphere.
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