Historical Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 04.03.2020
Historical Debate Topics

List of 79 Historical Debate Topics

  1. “Remember When The Arabs Were Our Friends…?
  2. 10 Worst Britons
  3. Aaron Copland : Black Listed
  4. Adolf Hitler
  5. Anti-Semitism and Racism
  6. Appeasement: Neville Chamberlain’s Real Betrayal
  7. August Vollmar
  8. Battle of the Somme
  9. Birth Control in the UK: 1850-1925
  10. Changing lives: gender expectations and roles during and after World War One
  11. China Improved Tibet
  12. David Cameron and History Teaching
  13. Death of Ellen Wilkinson
  14. Did the Peacemakers cause the Second World War?
  15. Erich Fromm on Freedom
  16. Eugen Boissevain
  17. Eugene V. Debs in 1904
  18. Fighting the First World War: Stalemate and attrition
  19. Florence Nightingale: Angel of Mercy or Power-Crazed Meddler
  20. Giap
  21. Greatest American 1 2
  22. Guy Aldred
  23. Haig and British generalship during the war
  24. Helen Keller
  25. Hiroshima: A War Crime? 1 2
  26. Historians and CIA files
  27. Historiography of World War One
  28. History Of The World Part III
  29. History Practitioners Advisory Team
  30. History to 16 – Downing Street Petition
  31. Hitler Feared The French And Admired The British
  32. How did soldiers cope with war?
  33. Hunger Strikes and the Vote
  34. Important Figures in British Socialism?
  35. John Burns: The First Working-Class Government Minister
  36. Left Book Club
  37. Marie Stopes
  38. Men’s League for Women’s Suffrage
  39. Nazism and Communism 1 2
  40. Norman Mailer, Hitler and the Central Council of Jews
  41. Oliver Cromwell
  42. Orion’s Belt and The Pyramids in Giza (10,500BC)
  43. Other unsolved murders
  44. Peterloo Massacre
  45. Ralph Miliband and Lord Rothermere
  46. Randolph Bourne and the First World War
  47. Secret History of Chile
  48. Sexual Equality in the Roman Empire
  49. Sierra Leone Company
  50. South Korean Provocations Sparked The Korean War
  51. Space exploration.
  52. Television and the Tudors
  53. The Ancient Romans Were Actually Prudes
  54. The Atomic Bombings Were Unnecessary
  55. The Best Prime Minister?
  56. The British Were Never Going To Win The Revolutionary War
  57. The Debate on Child Labour
  58. The debate on the origins of World War One
  59. The Imprisonment of Eugene Debs
  60. The Influence of Philosophers
  61. The Inquisition
  62. The Long Shadow of the ‘German Atrocities’ of 1914
  63. The Mongols Preferred Surrenders To Massacres
  64. The sad death of Rayna Prohme
  65. The Soviet Union Instigated The Six-Day War
  66. The Suffragettes and the Labour Movement
  67. The US Provoked Japan Into War
  68. The Vietnam War
  69. The Women’s Peace Crusade
  70. The WSPU and Fascism: Nora Dacre Fox
  71. U.S. Naval History
  72. Use of the atomic bomb
  73. Vincent Saint John
  74. Vincent Sheean and the Spanish Civil War
  75. War Propaganda Bureau: 1914-1918
  76. Was Middle Ages in Europe A Dark Age!
  77. We Were Better Off As Hunter-Gatherers
  78. World War II
  79. WW 1 the last day

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