Demonstration Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 15.07.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Demonstration Speech Topics

The topic of this type of assignment should be unique, as well as specific. It will depend on the type of issue you are going to raise. The goal is to connect to your audience by proving  something. So you should be careful when selecting a subject.

Before you choose it, do some research. Learn as much as possible about speech writing in general. Make sure you address your audience in a rational manner. Think about it, talk to others, and select a theme accordingly.

In this website, you will find a list of topics that will give you some ideas about this type of public speaking. Make the best use of this page, and you will find something you are comfortable with. Take this list as a reminder that there can be many types of public speaking.

For some good ideas, you can also talk to your teachers. Public speaking is not an easy thing at all. You can learn a lot by watching some YouTube videos of some great speakers. If you spend some time and do some research, hopefully, you will be able to choose a good subject for your assignment.

List of 200 Demonstration Speech Topics

  1. apply makeup.
  2. apply nail polish.
  3. arrange flowers.
  4. avoid ID theft.
  5. backup your DVDs.
  6. bake a birdhouse.
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  8. be a good student
  9. be an ninja (PS Joking sorry).
  10. be healthy.
  11. become a famous film star.
  12. become a good actress.
  13. blow a glass.
  14. board on sand.
  15. brush your teeth properly.
  16. build a model.
  17. build a rabbit hutch or cages and runs.
  18. build a shed.
  19. build a snowman.
  20. build a web site.
  21. care for hamsters or other household pets.
  22. change a baby’s diaper.
  23. change a bank check.
  24. choose a digital camera.
  25. choose the perfect pet.
  26. choose the right running shoe.
  27. clean and polish golden rings, bracelets, and necklaces.
  28. clean your car.
  29. clean your golf clubs.
  30. clean your swimming pool.
  31. climb a building.
  32. color eggs.
  33. construct a boomerang that comes back to you.
  34. count the calories and make healthier choices.
  35. create a Halloween mask.
  36. dance.
  37. decorate a cake.
  38. design wedding cakes.
  39. draw a cartoon character.
  40. dress like a princess.
  41. dry your hair.
  42. eat oysters.
  43. find a roommate.
  44. find cheap airline tickets.
  45. find the best spring break deals.
  46. find your ancestors.
  47. fix a flat tire on a bicycle.
  48. fix a flat tire.
  49. fly an real RC plane (only show this outdoors and only if you are good).
  50. fold an origami crane.
  51. fold napkins in a funny way.
  52. get energy from solar cells on your roof.
  53. get your keys out of a locked car.
  54. greet Japanese people.
  55. grow herbs – e.g. chamomile, parsley, catnip – in your own mini greenhouse.
  56. How to breathe fire
  57. How to build a balloon rocket car
  58. How to build a bird house
  59. How to build a mosaic lightbox
  60. How to build a paper airplane
  61. How to build a shelf
  62. How to build a telescope
  63. How to build an eletric motor
  64. How to carve fruit into flowers and animals
  65. How to create a lemon battery
  66. How to do string art
  67. How to hypnotize people
  68. How to make a candy bouquet
  69. How to make a cloud in a bottle
  70. How to make a dreamcatcher
  71. How to make a hula hoop
  72. How to make a kaleidoscope
  73. How to make a magnet gun
  74. How to make a metal detector
  75. How to make a pinhole camera
  76. How to make a snow globe
  77. How to make a sock monkey
  78. How to make a spud gun
  79. How to make a WiFi antenna booster
  80. How to make cheese
  81. How to make clay charms
  82. How to make colored fire
  83. How to make envelopes
  84. How to make ginger ale
  85. How to make instant ice sculptures with hot ice
  86. How to make iodine
  87. How to make kimchi
  88. How to make lip gloss
  89. How to make magnetic fluid
  90. How to make paper
  91. How to make paper invisible
  92. How to make perfume
  93. How to make Play-Doh
  94. How to make silly putty
  95. How to make water glow
  96. How to make windchimes
  97. How to make yoghurt
  98. How to play beginner guitar chords
  99. How to press flowers
  100. How to use a compass
  101. How to use a Ham radio
  102. How to use a TTY machine (text telephone)
  103. How to use an exercise ball
  104. How to use chopsticks
  105. How to use potatoes to conduct electricity
  106. identify if a Louis Vuitton bag is authentic.
  107. knit a scarf.
  108. knot a carpet.
  109. learn break dance tricks and street moves.
  110. learn fast reading.
  111. learn playing guitar.
  112. make a cocktail.
  113. make a dancing show.
  114. make a fast summer salad.
  115. make a genealogical tree.
  116. make a golf swing.
  117. make a new candle of old ones.
  118. make a paper airplane.
  119. make a pinata.
  120. make a real Italian pizza with classic recipes.
  121. make a water-color.
  122. make an emergency kit.
  123. make banana pudding.
  124. make beer.
  125. make beer.
  126. make bread crumbs.
  127. make homemade salsa.
  128. make honey.
  129. make ice cream.
  130. make ice.
  131. make Irish Coffee.
  132. make jello Jigglers.
  133. make jewelrey.
  134. make ornaments.
  135. make pizza.
  136. make soup.
  137. make the crunchiest marshmallows at a camp fire place.
  138. make twirling confetti eggs for parties and events.
  139. make up a first aid kit for simple treatment of minor injuries.
  140. make your garden full of flowers year around.
  141. make your own wedding dress.
  142. meditate
  143. open a bottle of wine.
  144. organize a surprise party.
  145. organize your closet.
  146. organize your wedding.
  147. pack a suitcase that passes customs.
  148. perform a magic trick.
  149. pick a bottle of wine.
  150. pick a color scheme and palette.
  151. play a computer game.
  152. play chess.
  153. play piano.
  154. play poker.
  155. polish Shoes.
  156. pot a plant.
  157. practice active listening communication techniques.
  158. prepare a banana chocolate shake to recover from a hangover.
  159. prepare invisible ink to write secret messages.
  160. prevent injury.
  161. print a digital photo.
  162. program car keys and remotes.
  163. put a weave in hair.
  164. read a barometer and analyze the results.
  165. read a map.
  166. read music notes.
  167. register for voting.
  168. saddle horse (I did this and tooka video of saddling my horse and narrated it to my audience).
  169. scribe a good poem.
  170. sculpt your eyebrows properly.
  171. select and prepare a backpack for travel abroad.
  172. select the proper running shoes for recreational walks.
  173. set up an aquarium.
  174. shoot a basketball.
  175. ski.
  176. snow board.
  177. speak Italian.
  178. stamp greeting cards.
  179. stencil.
  180. stop thinking.
  181. survive in the wilderness.
  182. taste wine.
  183. text effective and clear messages.
  184. tie a tie.
  185. tie Die shirts.
  186. tie various knots.
  187. train your brain.
  188. use a makeup if you a guy.
  189. use a sextant for navigation like two centuries ago.
  190. use the content of articles without violating their copyrights.
  191. use the cruise control.
  192. use the process of deduction.
  193. use the U.S. Postal Service.
  194. use your breath when you sing.
  195. wax a surfboard.
  196. weave a basket.
  197. weight lift.
  198. write a business-like letter.
  199. write a film script.
  200. write a resume.
  201. write a will.

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