Football Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 07.02.2020
Football Debate Topics

List of 46 Football Debate Topics

  1. 4-team college football playoff: Is a 4-team college football playoff a good idea?
  2. Are AFL footballers good role models?
  3. Are the Arizona Cardinals the most unlucky team in football?
  4. Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker is a trained opera singer who can sing opera in seven different languages. Are football players more well-rounded than given credit?
  5. Ciara Is Taking Heat For Her ‘Revealing’ Football Playoff Dress: Should Ciara should be criticized for this dress?
  6. Clemson football: Will they finish in the top 10?
  7. College football playoffs: Is this the best way to determine a champ?
  8. College football playoffs: Would a college football playoffs make fans happy?
  9. College football playoffs: Would a playoff offer greater exposure?
  10. Did Rashan Gary make the right decision by signing with Michigan to play football?
  11. Do you agree with the Football Association’s playoff procedures?
  12. Do you believe football needs goal line technology?
  13. Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo is the best football player in Real Madrid?
  14. Does having more of the opposing team’s fans at a football game, like the recent Cowboys vs. 49ers game, affect how the home team plays?
  15. Football is more of a american sport than soccer
  16. Football or Soccer? (Yes = Football)
  17. Is Barry Sanders the greatest college football running back of all time?
  18. Is baseball better than soccer (football)?
  19. Is Cristiano Ronaldo the best football player in the world?
  20. Is football a better game than cricket for Indian youth?
  21. Is football a real sport
  22. Is Frank Beamer one of the greatest college football coaches of all time?
  23. Is it an issue for College students to get paid, when they are required to work as hard as anyone else, to play Football?
  24. Is it fair that women footballers who play in the WSL, earn on average £26,752 a year, whilst men in the Premier League earn £2.64m?
  25. Is packers the best football team
  26. Is the NFC South the worst division in football?
  27. Is the Packers’ Aaron Rodgers football’s newest MVP?
  28. Is Title IX necessary for college football?
  29. Johnny Manziel Pro Day workout: Should pro-football players make hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year?
  30. NFL acknowledges link between football and brain disease: What will be the future of the sport for high school students, with this in mind?
  31. Should college football be banned?
  32. Should college football players get paid?
  33. Should college football profits be used to pay players?
  34. Should football be all year long?
  35. Should football be year-round?
  36. Should football players be able to hit in the head?
  37. Should football players be required to wear Color Rush uniforms?
  38. Should footballers get paid huge salaries?
  39. Should girls be able to play football with boys???
  40. Should Qatar hold the 2022 football World Cup in the winter or summer?
  41. Should the four football federations in Great Britain be unified for FIFA tournaments?
  42. Should the Hall of Fame treat Cris Collinsworth as a broadcasting figurehead instead of a player of the sport of football?
  43. Should the NFL continue Thursday Night Football?
  44. Should we do more about head collisions in football?
  45. The record number of TDs thrown in one half of a football game is 7: Do you think that Aaron Rodgers has the potential to break this record now that he has tied it?
  46. Which is harder: football (yes) or soccer (no)?

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