History Thesis Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 22.03.2019
Updated: 11.04.2020
History Thesis Topics

Your thesis is extremely important as it is one of the last steps you need to complete before you graduate. You have already completed your basic education and are nearing the end of your undergraduate studies. This can be overwhelming and scary, as it is a big and important milestone. Make sure you have been successful so far and use this confidence to promote your work. In a thesis on US history, there are many age groups and topics to explore. We’ve outlined 50 good thesis topics in US history to inspire you.

List of 50 History Thesis Topics

  1. “German Unification” and its effects on the European Society at present.
  2. “German Unification” and the removal of divisions between society and Government. Discuss and analyze.
  3. Achievements and failures of Britain; A case study of “The Great Depression”.
  4. Achievements of the war: Success or a failure.
  5. Emergence of war in Europe in relation to the circumstances and events of the rest of the world.
  6. Fall of the labor Government 1924; Reasons and critical analysis
  7. Fertility, Feminism, and the American Revolution
  8. First World War and change in the behavior of Germans towards Austria; A Critical Analysis on how this change led towards the outbreak of war.
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  10. Impact of Religious Doctrines and Ideologies on Racism and Racist Factions in the USA.
  11. Impact of World War II Rationing on British Cuisine
  12. Importance of “German Unification”; Reasons and justifications.
  13. Race, Poverty, and Food Deserts in Cardiff, 1980-2016.
  14. Reasons for rivalry and difference in opinions between the European nations; Analysis of the reasons and their outcomes.
  15. Representation of the victory of German liberals in relation to “German Unification”.
  16. Success or a failure; Case of German unification.
  17. The Decline of Irrational and Magical Ideologies in England 1500-1600.
  18. The Historical Development and Impact of Public Transportation in Shanghai China, 1843-1937.
  19. The Impact of Popular Culture on Evangelical Christians in America.
  20. The Impact of Religion on Innovation, 1604.
  21. The Impact of Water Resource Management, Technological Solutions and Urban Growth after World War II on Atlanta Georgia.
  22. The Role of Churches and Religion in World War II.
  23. World economics in Relation to “The Great Depression” time period. Analysis.

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American History Thesis Topics

  1. A critical commentary on the War of 1812
  2. A critique on Abolitionism
  3. Abolition of slavery: A great contribution by Abraham Lincoln
  4. An assimilation of events during the Civil Rights Movement
  5. Commentary on Women’s Lib, Women’s Suffrage and escalation of their position in society
  6. Does USAS have the tendency to go over-dominant on territorial issues
  7. Hitler, Pearl Harbor and American indiscretions in 2nd World War
  8. How 9/11 has changed American perspective on security
  9. How did United States of America solve the national debt crisis post American Revolution?
  10. How does Boston Tea Party stand as a metaphor of the dilution of British prowess among its English colonies?
  11. How USA shows the economic paths to the globe
  12. How USA was plagued by differential thought processes in the North and South
  13. Justify or refute the Vietnam War
  14. Life and lights of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson
  15. Shed light on the ethical and social codes of Reconstruction
  16. Should USA practice what it preaches in case of NTBT?
  17. The benefits and long-standing virtues of Industrial Revolution
  18. The colonial benefits that USA sought in African little-known countries in 1960s
  19. The economic growth of USA between 1933 and 1940
  20. The formation of the 13 states; a precursor to the big idea
  21. The impact of Cold War on then developing countries and the Third World
  22. The impact of the Great Depression of 1933 and the resultant New Deal
  23. The part played by Spanish and French in the American Revolution
  24. The part that USA played in 1st World War
  25. The role that USA has played towards equality of women
  26. The small stint and impact of John Fitzgerald Kennedy
  27. The strengths and weaknesses of UN
  28. Was USA justified in calling war on Afghanistan

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