Religion Research Paper Topics

List of 65 Religion Research Paper Topics

  1. Animalism and totemism, their manifestations in the modern world
  2. Are myths like “the Great Flood” found across religions?
  3. As humans move from hunter/gather to agricultural communities, how have their religions changed?
  4. Attitude to sex of different religions
  5. Black churches
  6. Certain religions like Christianity and Islam evangelize frequently, while Taoism and Judaism are notoriously disinclined to conversions. How do different religions compare on the topic of converting new followers?
  7. Children and religions. Are children considered innocent in all the religions?
  8. Confucianism
  9. Crisis of faith, what is it?
  10. Female clergy in different religions
  11. Greek myths and religion, their impact on the European culture
  12. Hinduism and Islam in India
  13. How did the Gnostic faith differ from modern Christianity?
  14. How do different religions deal with the “end of the world”?
  15. How do different rites of passage like the Jewish Bar Mitzvah and Catholic confirmation ritual compare?
  16. How do new religions cannibalize the rituals of past religions? (Such as Saturnalia and Christmas)
  17. How do the Yoruba practice shamanism?
  18. How does Pure Land Buddhism purport to reform the Buddhist religion?
  19. How does reincarnation work in Hinduism?
  20. How has the Catholic Church dealt with the issue of birth control since the 1960s?
  21. Is Atheism a religion too?
  22. Is Mormonism the only truly American religion?
  23. Is there a reason within the Jewish faith why the Jewish people have been able to navigate persecution so well over the centuries?
  24. Monotheistic religions: similarities and differences
  25. Nordic mythology and religion in modern world
  26. Polytheistic religions and mythology. Similarities in myths and images of the gods
  27. Religion and daily life. How do people implement religion practices in the modern world?
  28. Religion and wars. Chaplainship
  29. Religion in modern Japan
  30. Religions and economics
  31. Religions and gender
  32. Religions and laws in modern world.
  33. Religions and LGBTQ+ people
  34. Religious counseling versus classical psychology
  35. Shamanism from the dawn of the history to modern days
  36. Teenagers and religion. Can faith help overcome the harshness of puberty?
  37. The afterlife: similarities and differences in different religions
  38. The concept of reincarnation in world religions
  39. The concept of soul in different religions
  40. The female goddesses triad: the maiden, the mother and the hag
  41. The history of Christianity
  42. The history of Hinduism and its impact on modern Indian culture
  43. The history of Islam
  44. The history of Judaism
  45. The phenomenon of trickster gods
  46. The primal religions
  47. Theocratic states and the influence of religion there
  48. There are some people who believe that Islam is a peaceful religion in modern life. The Qur’an directly conflicts with the pursuit of peace at several points. Is Islam a truly peaceful religion?
  49. What are some of the different mythologies surrounding creation?
  50. What are the moral, cultural and religious reasons behind wearing a hijab?
  51. What are the views of each religion on the issue of abortion?
  52. What caused Sikhism to become so fervently against oppression of any variety?
  53. What caused the Protestant Reformation?
  54. What causes a new religion like Mormonism to come into being?
  55. What causes a new religion to emerge?
  56. What influences in Siddhartha’s life caused him to become the Buddha.
  57. What is the role of ritual sacrifice among different religions?
  58. Where do different religions say the soul goes after death?
  59. Why did Martin Luther decide to split from the Catholic faith?
  60. Why do some religions outlaw women as priests or preachers? What is the role of women in these congregations?
  61. Women and Islam
  62. World religions and science
  63. World religions that have no gods
  64. Yoga: a health or religious practice?
  65. Zoroastrinism

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