Chemistry Term Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 07.03.2019
Updated: 04.03.2020
Chemistry Term Paper Topics

List of 43 Chemistry Term Paper Topics

  1. Acid rain in your neighborhood and the effects on plants
  2. Agriculture and food chemistry
  3. Biology of hydrothermal vents
  4. Biomass to Ethanol
  5. Capturing and using carbon dioxide
  6. Chemical makeup of different types of magma and lava rocks
  7. Chemical signals from medications
  8. Chemicals that trigger food allergies
  9. Chemicals used in shipping food long distances
  10. Chemistry behind dental fillings
  11. Chemistry behind different types of makeup
  12. Chemistry behind liquid bandages
  13. Chemistry in forensics
  14. Chemistry in ink pens (Sharpies vs traditional pens and markers)
  15. Chemistry of baking: baking soda vs. baking powder
  16. Chemistry-based careers
  17. Excited-state processes in inorganic systems
  18. How chemistry changes the world
  19. Ionization methods in mass spectrometry
  20. Organic food vs. Pesticides
  21. Ossification
  22. Pesticides and their effects on run-off soil
  23. Pheromones in humans
  24. Plastics packaging and its effects on food stuffs
  25. Protons and physical chemistry
  26. Recent advances in battery science and technology
  27. Replacing eggs in baking
  28. Synthesis, design and molecular function
  29. The chemistry of aging
  30. The chemistry of diet sodas and the effect on bone structure
  31. The chemistry of MDMA
  32. The connection between the biological and synthetic worlds
  33. The differences between skim, 2%, and whole milk
  34. The effects of arsenic on drinking H20

  35. The power of fluoride in community water
  36. The role of Marie Curie in modern chemistry
  37. The role played by chemical processes in the Earth’s temperature
  38. Theory and computation in catalysts
  39. Turning yeast into a biofuel
  40. Using sugar for batteries
  41. Vitamin deficiencies in humans
  42. What goes into “natural flavors”
  43. Why generic medicines are less expensive (what chemistry is involved)
  44. Why is radon so dangerous

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