Write For Us

TopicsMill is a website that was created for students who have a strong desire to know more and are constantly looking for useful study materials. To support students, we collect various topics, ideas, and recommendations for writing essays, research papers, capstone projects, term papers, dissertations and more.

TopicsMill is among the leading education portal. We managed to attract more than 50K traffic per month from the USA alone. Thousands of students all over the world visit our website and use it as an additional source that helps them with the completion of homework, inspires them to be productive and boosts imagination.

What We Look For

TopicsMill is always glad to have new authors who’d like to write new content for our website and in such a way contribute to the development of education, help and inspire students.

What content we publish:

  • Content for students, teachers, professors written on education-related topics. Confirm the topic of an article with us before writing it.
  • Well-edited and proofread articles, with no grammar or lexical errors.
  • The length of an article should be 1500 words or more.
  • The content must be 100% original, you must be a copyright owner.
  • Articles that contain pictures, must provide direct links to them. Pictures must be allowed only for commercial use.
  • If a submitted text has active links to any outside source, the additional payment may be required.
  • Articles must be submitted as Google documents.

What content we do not publish:

  • Articles that are not on educational topics.
  • Articles written on the topics that were not confirmed with us beforehand.
  • Sales pitches and press releases.
  • Copied or duplicated content from other sources.
  • Articles that have been published before.

We only publish the content that fits our submission guidelines. Your text may be casual in tone but must contain a thesis statement, suitable structure, and a distinctive voice. The topic should be education-related, of good quality and be useful for students.

We reserve the right to:

  1. Turn down articles without providing any reasons or explanations. Our editorial team would highly appreciate your understanding as they do not have enough resources and time to provide extensive feedback to every inquiry.
  2. Adjust the article if needed. It’s done only to help increase the engagement of the readers and make it more suitable for the content of our website.
  3. Make some basic edits to the text like fixing grammar, spelling and lexical errors, revising sentence structures or whole paragraphs.

Payment Details

After you submit an article, it will be checked by one of our editors. Then, if the article fits our content, we will contact you to discuss the price and payment procedure.

How to Submit an Article

Firstly, contact us via [email protected] and confirm the topic of the article with us. After writing it, send the following required information within the body of the email in this particular order:

  • Title of the article
  • Text of the article
  • Your biography – about 100 words
  • Direct link to your website
  • Direct links to your social media profiles
  • Your bio photo: attach it to your email (high resolution, square, minimum size 250 x 250 px, jpg format)

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I submit my article?

Your submission will be reviewed by our editorial team. The response will be sent via email.

How long does it take to get my article published?

To check, approve and publish an article we need at least 7 business days. The editors check the text, its uniqueness, and relevance, collect our team’s feedback and only then get back to you with the response.

Can I contribute an article for free?

We may consider posting your text for free if it has a relevant topic, good structured, does not have grammar/lexical/punctuation mistakes and links to commercial sources.

Can I become an in-house writer for TopicsMill?

We are ready to consider such a possibility if you are ready to contribute content of high quality on a regular basis.