International Relations Thesis Topics

List of 17 International Relations Thesis Topics

  1. A reappraisal of foreign aid in the age of Austerity Britain.
  2. A reappraisal of the Cuban Missile Crisis.
  3. A survey of the effects of sanctions upon the ordinary citizens of Iran.
  4. An unknown and unpredictable entity: The problem of North Korea within an international relations context.
  5. Discuss the current state of international relations in relation to the Middle East
  6. Discuss the difficulties that might be faced by diplomats when trying to maintain good international relations With the use of current on modern day examples, discuss the ways in which sanctions can be used to influence international relations
  7. Discuss the international relationship that exists between the United States of America and Saudi Arabia
  8. Discuss the state of international relations between Great Britain and other nations of the Commonwealth
  9. Discuss the various international institutions, such as the United Nations, the attempt to maintain or improve good international relations between different states, as well as the various methods that are available to these institutions
  10. How can international shame be used to manipulate or influence the actions of countries?
  11. In relation to international relations, discuss the advantages and disadvantages that can occur during a regime change
  12. NATO and Libya: An indefensible intervention into a sovereign state
  13. Syria: The steady emergence of a new Cold War front?
  14. The UN Security Council permanent members: The case for expansion or replacement.
  15. The Warsaw Pact: A Russian defence mechanism born out of fears for security?
  16. To what extent has the Internet influenced international relations?
  17. What impact did the events of September 11, 2001 have on international relations around the world?

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