Topics For Case Study In Marketing

by Loraine Walters
Created: 22.03.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Topics For Case Study In Marketing

List of 170 Topics For Case Study In Marketing

  1. A classic solution
  2. A focus on customer service
  3. Achieving career results for young people
  4. Achieving growth through product development
  5. An enterprising approach to a marketing re-launch
  6. Applying the personal touch to financial services
  7. Balancing the marketing mix through creative and innovative strategies
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  9. Balancing the product portfolio to satisfy customer demand
  10. Brand repositioning and communications
  11. Branding strategies to create value
  12. Bringing an innovative product to market: Assure®
  13. Building a brand in order to sustain its life cycle
  14. Building a brand leader
  15. Building a business in Europe
  16. Building a fashionable brand image
  17. Building a local retail strategy
  18. Building a photographic system around the user
  19. Building a single brand
  20. Building brand equity
  21. Building brand equity at Heinz
  22. Building on a brand
  23. Building sound customer relationships
  24. Building the future of English football
  25. Changing the views of business
  26. Coca-Cola and sports – partnership through competition
  27. Consumer focused product development
  28. Corporate versus product branding
  29. Creating a market
  30. Creating a new and exciting brand – Cafe Cadbury
  31. Creating a redical new pension
  32. Creating a winning marketing mix
  33. Creating and launching a new product range
  34. Creating and managing a unique sponsorship
  35. Creating consumer demand for Sky TV through sports
  36. Creating the right marketing mix
  37. Creating value – brand management
  38. Creating value through the marketing mix
  39. Customer-led innovation in a competitive market
  40. Customers, process and people
  41. Developing a competitive edge
  42. Developing a marketing plan
  43. Developing a partnership to support the interests of young people
  44. Developing a uniform global marketing presence
  45. Developing competitive marketing strategies
  46. Developing customer focus
  47. Developing long-term customer relationships
  48. Developing new products
  49. Developing products and services to meet market demand
  50. Development of a brand through trade mark protection
  51. Direct marketing
  52. Discovering customer needs through research
  53. Engaging consumers through word of mouth marketing
  54. Entering a new market with a new product
  55. Extending the product life cycle
  56. Focusing a brand product range
  57. Getting the right message across – the re-launch of Mars
  58. Growing a brand in an unbranded market
  59. Growing a brand through portfolio management
  60. Growing a business by developing products and markets
  61. Honour the past … invent the future
  62. How a brand promise drives change in a multinational organisation
  63. How market research helps Portakabin to remain at the cutting edge
  64. How market research supports the new product development process
  65. How Mars transformed the ice cream market
  66. How the role of marketing drives business forwards
  67. Hula Hoops – emphasising the core values of the brand
  68. Identifying and creating new markets – a new strategy for a global leader
  69. Identifying customers and meeting their needs
  70. Improving a leading brand
  71. Increasing Brand Awareness Through Social Media Communications
  72. Infinite affinity
  73. Injecting new life into the product life cycle
  74. Innovation in infant nutrition
  75. Kit Kat: Revitalising a Brand Leader
  76. Launching a new cinema
  77. Launching a new product into a developed market
  78. Launching a new product range
  79. Launching high-end technology products
  80. Leading a revolution in banking
  81. Linking promotional activity to the product life cycle
  82. Live, breathe and wear passion
  83. Long term maintenance of a classic brand name
  84. Maintaining The Competitiveness Of A Global Brand
  85. Making markets work well with customers
  86. Making shopping easier
  87. Managing change: a new approach to legal services
  88. Market leadership in the 3G market
  89. Market research and consumer protection
  90. Marketing and product strategies for growth
  91. Marketing strategy for growth
  92. Meeting customer needs – Young Savers
  93. Meeting customer needs for competitive advantage
  94. New products from market research
  95. No 7 – the relaunch of a brand
  96. Partnership in action
  97. Partnership through sponsorship
  98. Planning effective marketing strategies for a target audience
  99. Poland – a developing market
  100. Positioning the brand
  101. Pricing the product
  102. Product development, innovation and the product life cycle
  103. Promoting the brand
  104. Protecting the marketing mix through intellectual property rights
  105. Providing a customer-centric service
  106. Re-branding a Corporate Image
  107. Re-generating a mature market
  108. Re-launching a product
  109. Re-shaping a well-known brand
  110. Reaching customers through direct selling
  111. Reclaiming the identity of a brand
  112. Refocusing a product
  113. Responding to an Emerging Market
  114. Responding to changing customer requirements: the drive towards Wellness
  115. Revitalising a valued character
  116. Revolution in retailing
  117. Securing a market leading future through SWOT analysis
  118. Sky and the digital revolution
  119. Social business and banking: transforming banking with social media
  120. Social marketing in the new millennium
  121. Sponsoring the Nationwide Football League
  122. Sponsorship as part of the marketing mix
  123. Strategy, competitive advantage and the promotional mix
  124. Subscribing to broadcasting success
  125. Successful products – successful solutions
  126. Superbrand sponsorship
  127. Supporting superbrands: the role of high-tech suppliers
  128. SWOT analysis and sustainable business planning
  129. SWOT analysis in action
  130. Targeting a market segment
  131. Targeting sponsorship within a specialist market niche
  132. The 13 most interesting investment banks on Twitter right now
  133. The Absolute. Tour
  134. The advantages of sponsorship
  135. The effectiveness of an advertising campaign
  136. The Freeserve solution
  137. The healthy eating brand
  138. The importance of building a strong brand image
  139. The importance of cause related marketing
  140. The launch of Sainsbury’s Bank
  141. The making of a box
  142. The marketing mix in the food industry
  143. The marketing process
  144. The new world of Rexam
  145. The power of love
  146. The product life cycle and online fashion
  147. The rebirth of Skoda
  148. The repositioning of Hobnobs
  149. The role of PR in changing perceptions
  150. The use of social media in promotion
  151. The use of the marketing mix in product launch
  152. The vital role of Sales at Kraft Foods UK
  153. Transforming the marketplace
  154. Using advertising to connect with consumers
  155. Using global segmentation to grow a business
  156. Using IT in sales and marketing
  157. Using market research to develop a product range
  158. Using market research to improve consumer focus
  159. Using market research to relaunch a brand
  160. Using market research to support decision making
  161. Using new product development to grow a brand
  162. Using planning analysts at the centre of brand development
  163. Using promotion to boost sales and brand value
  164. Using promotion to campaign for public services
  165. Using promotion to position a brand
  166. Using promotional strategies to connect with stakeholders
  167. Using sponsorship to increase brand awareness
  168. Using sports marketing to engage with consumers
  169. Using the marketing mix in the fashion industry
  170. Using the marketing mix to drive change
  171. Who dares wins – success through intelligent risk

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