Sports Thesis Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 22.03.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Sports Thesis Topics

List of 16 Sports Thesis Topics

  1. Athletes achievements and family ties. Doing detailed research on athletes family background and establishing a direct connection between the family and athletes success.
  2. Illustrating the importance of doing physical exercises and examining the influence of oral contraceptives. Examining college female athletes in the UK within the period of 6 months.
  3. Specific characteristics possessed by (insert name of the athlete) that gives an edge in this sport.
  4. Sport and autism. Carrying out an objective analysis of the achievements of children with spectrum autism and those without it in the middle school.
  5. Sport and leisure activities. Analyzing the lifestyle of famous English football players and its impact on sport accomplishments.
  6. Studying the aims pursued by prospective and professional athletes. Defining similar and distinctive features.
  7. The attitude of hospital staff to sport as a way of spending their free time. Investigating the case of a particular hospital.
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  9. The effect of certain conditions (such as overworking or stress) on the person’s long term physical health.
  10. The effect of school programs on students achievements in sport. Determining the educational establishments in England with the highest rate of success in sport.
  11. The effects of ethnic background on the physical state of athlete.
  12. The explanation of animosity and mob mentality between the fans of two rival teams.
  13. The impact a certain professional team has on its community.
  14. The progress of sports training in a particular city.
  15. The role of muscle strength in different kinds of sports and its functioning when being injured. Exploring the physical condition of male and female rugby players.
  16. Volatile kinds of sport and androgenic anabolic steroids. Examining the cases of the mentioned steroid use in boxing.
  17. Women in sport. The influence of sports on the position of women in the society and their body.

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