Biology Capstone Project Ideas

by Loraine Walters
Created: 27.02.2019
Updated: 02.01.2020

List of 25 Biology Capstone Project Ideas

  1. 3D Electron microscopic tomographic reconstruction
  2. Cadaver donation
  3. CHS: Development of new volumetric datasets
  4. CHS: Simulations
  5. Customizable anatomical science educational platform
  6. Development of existing volumetric datasets
  7. Educational platform: Development and evaluation
  8. Effects of acid rain within the USA on the general population.
  9. Effects on agriculture due to the el nino effect
  10. Ethics vs scientific merit for human cloning techniques
  11. Human Anatomical Variation
  12. Is homosexuality based on genetics?
  13. Is pollination affected by the color of the flower?
  14. Neuroanatomy and functional organization
  15. Reproduction of DNA
  16. The biology of being bipolar.
  17. Ultrasound in the gross anatomy lab
  18. What are the biological implications of having a baby with a first cousin.
  19. What can we learn about evolution from flies and fleas?
  20. What is causing the otter population to decline significantly worldwide?
  21. What is the impact of alcohol abuse for a long time on the human body
  22. Why are diseases and viruses spread so quickly by rodents?
  23. Why can frogs jump so far?
  24. Why do other animals have such a different gestation period when compared to the nine months of humans?
  25. Why is anthrax a common weapon for biological threats for terrorists and how do they gain access so easily?

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