Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.01.2019
Updated: 11.03.2020
Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion

List of Argumentative Essay Topics On Religion

  1. Abortion: a personal decision or a deadly sin?
  2. Any specific religion can not be treated as an official religion of the state.
  3. Banning some religions violates human rights.
  4. Can nations work together with world religions to establish a coalition group to help the poorest companies receive aid?
  5. Can you make the argument that all religions are essentially good and that it’s the people in charge of policy within each that diminishes a religion?
  6. Celebrating religious holidays is just a way of making money for businesses.
  7. Christian views about same-sex marriage.
  8. Church has more influence on citizens than legal administrative bodies.
  9. Cloning: religious point of view.
  10. Do you believe that Atheists should receive the same legal tax exemption and levy break system that other religions receive in the U.S.?
  11. Do you believe that gay marriage should be accepted by religions that have traditionally preached against it?
  12. Do you believe that marrying within one’s own religion is an important factor in determining the person should marry?
  13. Do you believe the ruckus cause by the message in the popular song, “Losing My Religion,” by the USA alternative rock band was justified?
  14. Do you think gay marriages should be legitimized by church?
  15. Do you think it is religions’ responsibility to promote health in the community or is that an individual choice that should be left alone?
  16. Do you think religion should have a place in the media if it is a country’s official religion or should it keep away from promoting itself unless other belief systems get equal time?
  17. Do you think religion should have more of an opinion on prisons and capital punishment?
  18. Do you think statements, writings, art, etc. that could offend someone’s religion should fall under the protections of freedom of speech?
  19. Do you think teen marriages in the western world should be supported and left up each individual religious organization?
  20. Do you think that disfiguration or destruction of religious art should be considered and treated as a hate crime?
  21. Do you think that religious art of the past should be returned to the religious organization or do those pieces belong in a museum?
  22. Do you think that the world’s largest religions should take a greater stance on promoting global peace and religious tolerance?
  23. Friendship and love: can they coexist?
  24. God — a well-elaborated myth or reality?
  25. God is the representation of human weakness.
  26. How can religions that promote peace and kindness towards one another support any kind of violence in the name of God?
  27. How can science that teaches evolution and religion that teaches creationism co-exist in public educational institutions?
  28. How old should someone be before they begin to practice a religion by their own volition?
  29. If people are creatures of God, then God is responsible for all imperfections of the humanity.
  30. Is atheism a problem of the 21st century?
  31. Is religious affiliation important in the modern world?
  32. Is the church the true promoter of the morality?
  33. Is the existence of the God obvious?
  34. People can be religious without attending the church.
  35. Polygamous marriages in Islamic tradition.
  36. Praying and faith vs. conventional medicine: what helps more?
  37. Religion as a secondary school subject.
  38. Religion is the only fundamental thing in our life.
  39. Religion is the reason for the all major conflicts in history.
  40. Religious tolerance in public schools.
  41. Schools do not have to promote any religion because students may come from different religious groups.
  42. Should church be separated from the state?
  43. Should churches and religious institutions be required to pay taxes?
  44. Should religion have a place in the decision made in medical emergency situations?
  45. Should religious leaders be involved in politics?
  46. Should teen marriages be allowed by the church?
  47. Some types of churches have negative effect on the society.
  48. The functions of priests in the church of the 21st century.
  49. The problems of interfaith families.
  50. The purpose of religion in present-day life.
  51. The role of religious communities in modern cities.
  52. What makes people change their religion?
  53. What side do you think religion should take on the issue of animal cruelty or animal testing?
  54. Which of the world’s religions is more accepting of scientific education and is this a good or bad thing?
  55. Why is the Bible the most popular book in the world?

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