PHD Dissertation Topics

Do you struggle to create great ideas for your dissertations? Do you find thinking of an interesting andstrong subject a trial? Fear not, you are not alone – many students feel the exact same way. Selectingdissertation ideas can be troublesome, but we can help! In the below, we look at how to choose adissertation topic, and show you what TopicsMill has to offer:

How to find free Dissertation Topics using TopicsMill


In plain English, a dissertation is an essay that you choose the subject of yourself. It is a self-elected form of writing. Other papers such as assignments, research papers, and term papers are usually pre-planned – your teacher will provide the topic. With a dissertation, you have relative free-reign to pick what you like (within the boundaries of the subject of course).


So how do you actually go about choosing a dissertation topic? Using the TopicsMill website the process is easy. First and foremost, you must have a clear idea of the main subject you are studying. As stated above, you can choose a subject that you like, but it must pertain to what you are studying. For example, if you had to write a science dissertation, you wouldn’t write about the D-Day Landings of WW2.

Once you have narrowed down the subject, you can look at the available categories in the TopicsMill database. This site is packed full of interesting and fun dissertation ideas on practically any category you can think of. Select a main category on the TopicsMill site and then look at the list of titles that appear – you will see hundreds of different dissertation ideas.

Remember to choose a title that you are comfortable with. We can usually write better on a subject we enjoy or have knowledge of. If you really enjoy politics, then select the politics dissertation topics category and pick a title that appeals to you for example. Play to your strengths – this will go a long way to making the dissertation easier.


As mentioned above, the TopicsMill database for dissertation titles is split down into categories. The following are some of the categories you can find when searching for our popular and creative academic titles:

Phycology dissertation topics

  • Business dissertation topics
  • History dissertation topics
  • Finance dissertation topics
  • Nursing dissertation topics
  • Law dissertation topics

This is just a small snippet of the best ideas we have to offer. There are many more free categories that you can browse through. Those are some of the categories, but what about the actual titles themselves? We have hundreds of dissertation topics available; the below represents a selection of what you can expect from our list of strong titles:

  • Social Media has drastically reduced our ability to communicate
  • How Artificial Intelligence could shape the future of technology
  • How architects design structures that can withstand the ages
  • Hospitals: Building a safe environment for patients
  • How do Millennials and Generation X compare?
  • Exposure to nature can improve our mood and happiness
  • How racism has evolved
  • What contribution does genetics have on our behavior?
  • How is Urban greening affecting our cities
  • Is customer loyalty still relevant in today’s world of business?

These academic subjects are just some of the sources you can draw from. We have tried to show a fair representation of the different categories and subjects you can find through TopicsMill.


Hopefully, you can see the range of subjects that you can choose when using this awesome site. But what other benefits does TopicsMill offer? You really do gain a comprehensive and free service when using this site – the following are some of the main benefits you can expect:

  1. Completely free: We understand that students do not have unlimited funds. We know that you may be stuck for cash and do not have money to spend on additional academic sources. This is why our database is free to use – you can browse through the topics to your heart’s content.
  2. Immense Database: The database itself is vast. There are thousands of titles to pick. Moreover, the titles are begin updated on a regular basis. New topics are being added daily, and we expect the database to continue to grow. You can really delve deep and find a dissertation for practically any subject.
  3. Student input: Finally, real students such as yourself have input into the TopicsMill database. If you have an interesting idea, then feel free to share it with us. We will look at your idea and add it to our database if everything checks out ok!

By using TopicsMill, choosing a dissertation topic could not be easier. You can reduce your stress and strain and start selecting topics for your essays and papers with ease. Why not give our free database a try and see what fantastic topics you can find today?