Research Proposal Topics In Nursing

by Loraine Walters
Created: 06.02.2019
Updated: 24.12.2019

List of Research Proposal Topics In Nursing

  1. Antibiotics prescribing: when is it justified?
  2. Antipsychotics: benefits and hazards
  3. Assess the use of the Braden scale for pressure ulcer risk
  4. Brain injuries and methods of rehabilitation after them
  5. Burnout of nurses
  6. Cardiovascular illnesses and their treatment
  7. Consider the optimal management strategy for patients with PTSD
  8. Critical care nursing
  9. Develop a stress management program for nurses
  10. Discuss management of patients in intensive care
  11. Discuss novel ways of treating diabetic feet
  12. Discuss nursing date in COPD patients
  13. Discuss nursing measures to control high blood pressure
  14. Discuss the effects of nurse-led patient education on quality of life in patients with heart disease
  15. Discuss the reliability of the COPE index
  16. Discuss the role of nursing in the treatment of acute ischemic stroke
  17. Discuss the usefulness of smartphone applications in patient self-care regimes
  18. Discuss ways of caring for patients with chronic pain
  19. Does exercise improve mental health?
  20. E-cigarettes as a stage for quitting smoking
  21. Examine current nursing practices to do with parents with children suffering from cancer
  22. Examine nursing input in falls prevention behavior
  23. Examine nursing interventions in the control of infectious diseases
  24. Examine nursing practices with patients with multiple sclerosis
  25. Examine the clinical management of patients with prostate cancer
  26. Examine the coping mechanism used by patients dealing with chronic conditions
  27. Examine the effects of antenatal education on postnatal depression rates
  28. Examine the effects of oral hygiene on ventilator-associated pneumonia
  29. Examine the effects of typical care protocols on the prevention of venous catheter infections
  30. Examine the effects of work-related musculoskeletal disorders in nurses
  31. Examine the health care providers role in educating patients about the risk of type 2 diabetes
  32. Examine the physical quality life of depressed outpatients
  33. Examine the role of nursing in treating drug dependence
  34. Examine the use of music therapy and pain relief in children
  35. Explore the accuracy of depression screening tools in newly admitted patients
  36. Explore the factors affecting quality of life in palliative care
  37. Explore the relationship between sleep quality and depression before surgery
  38. Explore the usefulness of competing discharge planning tools
  39. Explore ways of safely and effectively handing over at the end of a shift
  40. Health benefits of whole grains in one’s diet
  41. Health needs of elderly residents in Charlotte County after Hurricane Charley in 2004
  42. Healthy diets and their benefits
  43. HIV, sexual life, birth and breastfeeding
  44. Home care versus nursing homes
  45. Identifying the abuse in families where the nurse works
  46. Investigate the contributions made by nursing students to clinical care
  47. Legal nursing
  48. Look at the decision making process in intensive care patients
  49. Look at the effects of music therapy and chronic disease
  50. Look into the barriers to self-management of HIV
  51. Managing chronic illnesses
  52. Managing fears and anxiety connected with illnesses
  53. Massage therapy
  54. Methods of pain relief therapy
  55. Midwifery and baby care
  56. Novel genes and brain disorders development
  57. Nursing patients with Alzheimer disease
  58. Palliative care and assisted suicide
  59. Pediatric care
  60. Pet therapy and pet companions
  61. Pet therapy with a dog for a 5 year-old autistic child
  62. Psychological conditions of cancer patients
  63. Psychotherapy as addition to treatment
  64. Rehabilitation for brain injuries
  65. Sex and heart attack mortality rates
  66. Stress, depression and information overload. Shall they be treated medically?
  67. Study current practices in end of life care
  68. Study the effects of a nurse-led management program in a given disease
  69. Study the effects of nursing care of INR stability time in warfarin treatment
  70. Take a look at management issues in the care of elderly patients
  71. Take a look at the link between medication errors and their consequences
  72. Teaching self-care as a part of the duty of a nurse
  73. The development of telehealth
  74. The effects of breastfeeding
  75. The importance of breast cancer screening
  76. The main causes and treatments of diabetes
  77. The peculiarities of ambulatory care
  78. The peculiarities of sport traumas
  79. Treating eating disorders
  80. Treatments approaches to Autism Spectrum Disorder
  81. What are the best treatments for itching (pruritus) in hospitalized patients?
  82. What are the causes of sprains in athletes?
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