History Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 23.07.2019
Updated: 09.01.2020
History Paper Topics

It is understandable why so many students struggle with choosing topics for their history research papers. The concept of time is an integral part of this subject. If you are asked to write about a time period, you have to know significant events that took place in that region of the world.

You have to consider a host of factors when it comes to choosing a topic for writing an essay on historical time. You may be interested in a certain period or geographical location. But do make the mistake of choosing something only because you have watched a movie on it. In most cases, the past is romanticized in movies.

To know the origins of events, you have to read serious history books. Your history research paper topics should be chosen based on your prior knowledge of the period of time. If your assignment demands you to write about the American Civil War, you should learn about the revolution and present your paper in an interesting way.

The list provided on this page will help come up with some great ideas. Make sure you choose something you are comfortable with. If you still find it hard to make a choice, talk to your teacher. You teacher can help you make an informed decision. It is also helpful to talk to other students who have written papers on history.

List of 81 History Research Paper Topics

  1. American foreign policy from the beginning of 21st century
  2. American Revolution and building of American society
  3. Ancient Athens: the first experiment in an open society
  4. Ancient conquests and their influence on the modern world map formation
  5. Barrier to freedom: the evolution of the Berlin Wall
  6. Causes of late nineteenth-century urbanization
  7. China and Japan development in recent historical stages
  8. Cold war and its consequences for the world Battle of Hastings and its role in the history of England
  9. Genocide in the twentieth century
  10. History of the Women’s Rights Movement
  11. How could World War II be prevented?
  12. How did Buddhism change the Chinese Empire?
  13. How did Gandhi bring more peace to the world?
  14. How did peasants live in medieval Europe?
  15. How did the Jaffa Riots begin in the British Mandate of Palestine, 1921?
  16. How feudalism restricted and hampered economic growth
  17. How the Cold War was held?
  18. How the development and wide-spread use of the printing press contributed to exploration and discovery
  19. Humanity progress in the Bronze Age
  20. Industrial revolution in your country and worldwide
  21. Jamaican history violent events
  22. Lenin’s role in the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. What was that of Plekhanov?
  23. Lessons world wars teach us
  24. Life of people in the Bronze Age
  25. Links between World War I and World War II
  26. Monasteries and education during the Middle Ages
  27. Mutual influence of Greek, Egyptian, and Roman cultures
  28. Nuclear weapons and their influence on the world military clashes
  29. Religious influence on the global map
  30. Role of the Shogun in Japanese history
  31. Role of the US and the Soviet Union in the Korean War
  32. Similarities and differences: The process of abolition of slavery and its meaning for the world
  33. Slave trade in Africa before the white man’s arrival
  34. The Battle of Hochst and its influence on the Thirty Years’ War
  35. The Battle of the Seas, its influence on Spain and Britain
  36. The Byzantine Empire development
  37. The Caribbean in the golden age of pirates
  38. The Catholic Church in medieval Europe
  39. The changes in the economics of Europe after World War I
  40. The colonization of America
  41. The creation and failure of the Weimar Republic
  42. The Crusades and the Jihads
  43. The culture of the Roman Empire in comparison to ancient Greece
  44. The day the British burned the White House
  45. The development of the People’s Republic of China
  46. The earliest western travelers to Tibet
  47. The establishment of the principles of democracy in France
  48. The evolvement of an immigration policy in America
  49. The First Crusade soldiers’ life conditions
  50. The French Revolution
  51. The French Revolution: advantages and disadvantages
  52. The history of propaganda from the ancient times to modern days
  53. The Holy Roman Empire
  54. The ideas of Communism and their influence to the world British colonialism in India
  55. The impact of Martin Luther King’s speech
  56. The importance of sport games in ancient times
  57. The later voyages of Christopher Columbus
  58. The main battles in the Korean War
  59. The mariner’s compass: its development and significance to voyage and discovery
  60. The Mongol Empire power and distinctive features
  61. The Most Important Leaders in World History
  62. The most prominent queens of ancient Egypt
  63. The Ottoman Empire most important events
  64. The phenomenon of hippie culture: did it have a huge impact?
  65. The political power of Pope in the Middle Ages
  66. The rise of American industrial power and the immigrant work force. What is the interrelationship?
  67. The rise of independent African countries
  68. The role of Islam in the Iranian Revolution
  69. The role of the monasteries in the Christianizing of medieval Europe
  70. The Silk road creation and operation
  71. The survival of modern Greek culture under Turkish rule
  72. The trading routes of the Renaissance period
  73. The Vietnam War, its causes, consequences, and scars it left
  74. Utopian socialism as an out-growth of the Industrial Revolution
  75. What factors led to Nazi Germany defeat?
  76. What is the Hindu gods’ organization?
  77. What made ancient Sparta so different from other cities?
  78. Why did the British Empire collapse?
  79. Why do huge empires fall?
  80. Why the League of Nations failed
  81. Why were ancient Romans great?

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