Anthropology Thesis Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 22.03.2019
Updated: 11.04.2020
Anthropology Thesis Topics

List of 34 Anthropology Thesis Topics

  1. A comparison of verbal communication and sign language
  2. A study and comparison of different art forms in an anthropological context in Western countries and non-Western countries
  3. A study of linguistic use between different people in the same country
  4. African-American Masculinity
  5. Aquatic Ape Hypothesis (AAH)
  6. Compare and contrast biological and physical anthropology
  7. Compare and contrast economic anthropological issues in pre-and post-capitalist societies
  8. Compare and contrast similar but independently discovered and developed medical treatments used in different countries
  9. Cross-Cultural Comparisons
  10. Discuss the use of human rights by individuals convicted of crimes
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  12. Explain the importance of medical anthropology in relation to the overall subject of anthropology as a whole
  13. Explain the importance of trust in the patient-doctor relationship
  14. Holism and Cultural Relativism
  15. How can cultural anthropology help us to understand more about ourselves?
  16. How can the field of semiotics be used by anthropologists studying linguistic anthropology?
  17. How is evidence relating to social anthropology ideas gathered?
  18. In relation to nutritional anthropology what have been the major consequences of globalization?
  19. Is it a generalization to describe anthropologists is mostly being anti-urban
  20. Is there any evidence of devolution in the human species over the past 1000 years?
  21. Man’s Place in the Universe
  22. Notion Of Beauty Among Different Cultures Of The World
  23. Origins of Writing
  24. Pre-historic Archaeology
  25. The Most Ancient Religions
  26. Use case studies relating to altered states of consciousness in order to explain more about the study of transpersonal anthropology
  27. Using anthropological research, determine what impact political systems can have on individual societies
  28. Using relevant case studies, explain the anthropology of kinship
  29. What are the most important organizations when it comes to furthering the study of anthropology?
  30. What can we learn about ourselves as a species through anthropological research?
  31. What important ideas relating to the law are most important when it comes to legal anthropology
  32. What is palaeoanthropology?
  33. What is the anthropological significance of the downturn in the global financial system in the early 21st century
  34. What mental processes can be studied when examining psychological anthropology?
  35. Why are there variations and differences among group of humans?

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