Ethical Research Paper Topics

List of 27 Ethical Research Paper Topics

  1. Aren’t peacemaking and peacekeeping the same as waging a war?
  2. Can refugees from the Middle East be accepted in the US?
  3. Can we choose between a happy family life and a lucrative career?
  4. Do the rich deserve to have what they have?
  5. Does abortion mean a woman has the right to choose?
  6. Does anyone have the right to condemn Michael Jackson for changing his skin color?
  7. Does democratic society lead to low morality?
  8. Does moral behavior lead to happiness?
  9. Ethics in international law: is the Kyoto Protocol amoral?
  10. Euthanasia justified: would you kill a person for mercy?
  11. How can obeying the rules be bad?
  12. How to choose between the lesser evil and the greater good?
  13. How to distinguish between security regulations and censorship?
  14. How to make students obey academic integrity principles?
  15. How to understand terrorists and distinguish between them?
  16. Is donating organs morally justified?
  17. Is it necessary for a politician to strive for power?
  18. Is suicide a crime today?
  19. Religious ethics: how has Catholicism changed its views on homosexuality?
  20. Should Football Coaches Be Paid More Than Professors?
  21. Should Politics and Church Be Separate?
  22. Should Teens Have Plastic Surgery?
  23. The Good Samaritan dilemma: why people don’t help strangers in the streets?
  24. Why do many people pursue hedonistic lifestyles nowadays?
  25. Would you report on your friend if he commits a crime?
  26. Would you tell if you saw a popular kid bullying?
  27. Would You Tell If Your Best Friend Had a Drink at the Prom?

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