Biology Research Proposal Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 06.02.2019
Updated: 02.01.2020

List of Biology Research Proposal Topics

  1. Agriculture vs. conservation
  2. Alternatives to appraisals for judging performance
  3. Anti-viral response in different insects
  4. Are genetically modified foods safe?
  5. Are their costs to being an athelete?
  6. Bio-fabrication of a sea shell
  7. Cold water pollution and its effect on fish
  8. Conservation planning
  9. Dealing with invasive alien species
  10. Development of suspended animation
  11. Development of the nervous system in XYZ
  12. Differences in brain development in different rodent species
  13. Dynamics of wind dispersal for insects
  14. Effect of zero gravity on agriculture
  15. Effective control of weeds
  16. Egg size and survival in caterpillars
  17. Endosymbionts host manipulation
  18. Evolution of animal venom
  19. Evolution of antibiotic resistance
  20. Evolution of marsupial’s vertebral column
  21. Evolutionary biology and statistics
  22. Genetic development of sterile male mosquitos
  23. Host and parasite co-evolution models
  24. How do the carbon markets affect biodiversity and conservation
  25. How does temperature effect the development of water dragons?
  26. How does the environment affect the immune system of different species
  27. How to evaluate policies on land use
  28. How to model endangered species
  29. Infections in spiders and other insects
  30. Insect plant interactions
  31. Re-growth of limbs in salamanders
  32. Sexual communication in insects
  33. Should endangered species be allowed to die off?
  34. Sperm competition
  35. Study of the sponge genome
  36. The development of acid tolerant amphibians
  37. The ecology of forest fires
  38. The effect of climate change on plant species
  39. The effect of diet on longevity
  40. The effect of different gas concentrations on animal development
  41. The effect of plastic in our oceans
  42. The effect of school environmental education programs
  43. The effect of temperature on reptile egg development
  44. The evolution of chromosomes in insects
  45. The use of designer genes in plants
  46. Thermal biology in invertebrates
  47. Thermal biology or vertebrates
  48. What affects shoot architecture
  49. What genes affect sexual behavior and choice
  50. What is the next step in our evolution?
  51. Why do humans only have 2 sets of teeth?
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