Psychology Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 09.01.2020
List of 28 Psychology Debate Topics

Often, humans enjoy discussing controversial topics and engaging in debates, even if their level of expertise is not sufficient. Luckily, such is not the case for psychological students, who are able to conduct thorough research and support their arguments. In order to inspire research and critical thinking, many professors decide to initiate debates among their students.

If you were interested in organizing debates event with your peers, feel free to scroll down and check the best psychology debate topics. We have decided to support you on your research journey and make a list of the most interesting and controversial psychological topics.

List of 28 Psychology Debate Topics

  1. Adult content in cartoons and animes
  2. Alternative reality – is it they who are drugged or is it us?
  3. Animal Research
  4. Child abuse – psychological profile of a typical perpetrator
  5. Child sexual abuse – where a parent is the perpetrator
  6. Crime as a justification for coping with past trauma – how justified is it?
  7. Education and intelligence – when a student has difficulty learning, is it the student’s fault, the teacher’s fault, or is the entire teaching system inappropriate and archaic?
  8. Ethics of the Milgram experiment
  9. Ethics surrounding development and administration of cognitive-enhancing drugs
  10. Ethics surrounding the Stanford prison experiment
  11. Exposure to television and their effects on the emotional and intellectual development of children
  12. Fetishes and sexually deviant behavior
  13. Free-will vs. Determinism
  14. Gender Issues
  15. Having a child – is social pressure a more dominant determinant than individual willingness?
  16. Hypnotherapy and past life regression therapy – clinical hocus-pocus or science?
  17. Idiographic vs. Nomothetic
  18. Is homosexuality a psychological condition? Should attempts be made to correct it?
  19. Mind Body Debate
  20. Nature vs. Nurture
  21. Negative parenting and their effects on child psychology
  22. Negativity surrounding homosexuality – is it justified or is it just the typical fear and disgust for the minority and lesser known public mentality?
  23. Parapsychology and paranormal phenomenon – are they grounded in reality?
  24. Psychology as a Science
  25. Reductionism vs. Holism
  26. Social networks, online dating, and their psychological impact on teenagers
  27. Validity of diagnosis based upon DSM criteria
  28. Workplace psychology of ex-felons

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