Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

by Loraine Walters
Created: 27.02.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

A computer science capstone paper involves technical writing. You can write appropriately only if you have proper knowledge about the system. Choosing a topic is the first step of the process. But this step is not as easy as it sounds.

Here you will find a list of computer science capstone project ideas that will help you choose a good topic for your paper. If you are like most other students, you will find this list very helpful.

If you can choose suitable computer science capstone project ideas, you will be able to writ interesting papers. But it is also important to do some research. If you find an informative website, bookmark it. Before you dive into real action, create a list of important things to do.

You should also talk to other students and ask them how they are using the internet to improve their work. They may be able to find the best ideas. Try to learn how to do online research.

If you need help, do not hesitate to talk to your teachers. Discussion is always a good thing. See these computer science capstone project ideas and choose one you really like.

List of 68 Computer Science Capstone Project Ideas

  1. Automated report aid creation
  2. Bank verification number system development
  3. Bank verification security system: how to create a perfect one
  4. Battlefield strategy game with the use of GameMaker
  5. Client information analysis
  6. Company KPI dashboard development
  7. Creating a link between an online site and ERM stock system
  8. Creating a math placement test
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  10. Creating an eCommerce site for a clothing retailer
  11. Creating automatic reports and ways of its development;
  12. Creating convex zipper folding
  13. Customers analyzing and registration software;
  14. Data mining, data warehousing, and information logistics
  15. Data mining, data warehousing, and information logistics
  16. Different algorithms analysis in game theory
  17. E-medical records management systems
  18. ERP and supply chains; CRM
  19. Exploring data set with formulas
  20. Game theory for proper analysis and efficient algorithms.
  21. Game theory to analyze algorithms
  22. Game to improve memory
  23. General prediction and its usage;
  24. Graphic zipper folding
  25. How to create computerized registration software
  26. How to develop software that coordinates retail business supply and sales?
  27. Implications of digital convergence and growth of IT
  28. Intention of Attack Vector Linux
  29. Internet security measurement and current protective systems.
  30. Irish language grammar checker
  31. Managing national information infrastructure
  32. Math placement test development.
  33. Medical record interface for an iPhone
  34. Mobile application for efficient management of the online store.
  35. Mobile website for residential life
  36. Modern education is impossible without computers and other gadgets.
  37. Modern OS and the main issues of security
  38. Modern technology allows protecting people from identity theft.
  39. Multimedia website for researchers in biology
  40. Online learning systems for certifications
  41. Online software that ensures smoothly functioning of the real estate development company.
  42. Online survey system
  43. Online survey system creation
  44. Open source Word Net: how can it help in visualization?
  45. Open source WordNet visualization
  46. Paleo diet and its influence on human health.
  47. Parallelizing regina normal surface engine
  48. Quick shift for hourly employees
  49. Real time speech translation program
  50. Registration software for various tasks in government institutions;
  51. Report generator for accounting business
  52. Software to analyze CT images
  53. Stock prediction usage
  54. System for conducting an online survey
  55. System for homework submission with plagiarism checking
  56. System for providing certificates in real time;
  57. Text to voice system in multiple languages
  58. The growth of E-commerce in modern business and benefits for companies
  59. The role of computers in school education
  60. The role of Human-computer interfaces
  61. Using fitness devices to monitor patient health
  62. Using neural networks to predict stock levels
  63. Various algorithms of game theory;
  64. Ways of creating a multiple test;
  65. Ways to recover an important data;
  66. What issues are related to environment-friendly plastic production?
  67. WordNet and Visualization
  68. WordPress posting and tools of online promotion;

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