Christian Debate Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 17.10.2019

List of 86 Christian Debate Topics

  1. (Christians Only Please) Which belief system represents Biblical teachings more closely, Arminianism (Yes) or Calvinism (No)?
  2. (Christians only) If Judas was just following God’s wish to sacrifice Jesus for humanity, Is it right for Christians to demonize him?
  3. (Christians only) If Judas was simply following God’s will for Jesus to die for humanity’s sake, is it right for us to demonize him?
  4. (Christians only) Is it fair for us to demonize Judas even though his only crime was helping God to kill Jesus for humanity’s sake?
  5. According to the bible: Are only Christians capable of Love
  6. American Muslims more likely to support Gay Marriage than Evangelical Christians: Are American Muslims more open-minded than people think?
  7. Are Catholics Christians and do they worship the same gods?
  8. Are Christians against or are for Homosexuality?
  9. Are Christians being persecuted in the world of today?
  10. Are Christians tricked into worshiping the Devil?
  11. Are Islam and Christianity evil religions?
  12. Are most Christians cherry-pickers?
  13. Are Non-Christians the Devil’s Spawn?
  14. Are only Christians capable of Love?
  15. Are Starbucks’ red cups anti-Christian?
  16. Are the solar eclipse on March 20th and the blood moon on April 4th and September 28th signs of the end times? (Christian view)
  17. Are USA conservatives good Christians?
  18. Can a heavy Christian be against homosexuality religiously but support them politically? (In the terms of everyone deserves freedom)
  19. Can Christian Atheism be considered Christianity if they do not believe in God?
  20. Can you be LGBTQ and Christian?
  21. Can you believe that everything happens the way it does because of free will and fate? Why do christians seem to believe both?
  22. Can you logically explain any abrahamic (jew, Christian, Islam) faith?
  23. Catholics are Christians
  24. Christian Capitalists are hypocrites.
  25. Christian fundamentalist schools ‘performed exorcisms on children and beat pupils in religious rituals’: Should private schools have to follow a certain curriculum?
  26. Christian man on the run in Pakistan after blasphemy charge: Do you think Christianity is persecuted more severely than other religions?
  27. Christians are bias when judging if Jesus is the messiah.
  28. Christians are bias when they judge if Jesus is really the messiah
  29. Christians claim to understand gods work sometimes unless its not convenient in which case they say no one can understand it.
  30. Christians only: Do you read the Bible?
  31. Christians who believe we deserve punishment for what we believe are hypocrites.
  32. CHRISTIANS: All Jews will go to Heaven. Yes or No?
  33. Christians: Do you think atheists and liberals need to stop twisting the Bible verse, “Judge not lest you be judged”?
  34. Do atheists think Christianity is irrational?
  35. Do our leaders really trust the christian god when they go against his laws?
  36. Do religions other than Christianity mistake the Illuminati for the Free Masons?
  37. Do you believe in Christianity?
  38. Do you have to believe Jesus is God in order to be a Christian?
  39. Do you think that Christianity would have less followers if there were no mention of eternal life in the bible?
  40. Does the fact that the bible advocates stoning cast doubt on the morality of Christianity and Judaism?
  41. Earlier christians claimed that the devil kills steals and destroys and did all of those things. Shouldnt they be the opposite?
  42. If it could be proven beyond reasonable doubt (~95% certainty) that the Christian God is real, would you become a Christian?
  43. If you had to pick between the two, would you rather choose to follow Christianity (green) or Hinduism (red) and why?
  44. Is America a Christian Nation and should EVERYONE be a Christian
  45. Is Christian Better Than Muslim?
  46. Is Christianity a Religion of Peace
  47. Is Christianity against gay rights?
  48. Is Christianity irrelevant nowadays?
  49. Is Christianity rational?
  50. Is Christianity the Most Persecuted Religion
  51. Is God evil? After reading numerous passages I’ve come to the conclusion that God is evil. Can any Christian explain the evil things he’s done?
  52. Is ISIS as symbolic of Islam as the KKK is of Christianity?
  53. Is Islam really a disgrace to Christianity?
  54. Is it a sin to dislike someone (Christian)? Scripture would be appreciated.
  55. Is it reasonable for Christians to be upset about Starbucks changing the design of their holiday cups?
  56. Is it right for Christian faiths to follow a few of the 613 Mosaic Laws and still claim they are not under said Laws?
  57. Is it stupid to think that the devil is evil for killing stealing etc. while you are good for the same things like ancient christians?
  58. Is there a difference between christianity and catholicism?
  59. Islam is Better Than Christian
  60. It was wrong for the Turks to kill the Greek Christians in the former region of Pontos
  61. Many aspects of Christianity were decided by vote, including the divinity of Jesus Christ. Has religion grown to be more intolerant?
  62. Mark Sanchez of the Denver Broncos claims he was cheated out of millions of dollars in a Ponzi-like scheme run by an adviser who appealed to his Christianity. Are faith-based scams more troubling than other varieties?
  63. Marriage is not Christian, agree or disagree.
  64. Most mainstream Religions are monotheistic. How Do Christians, Muslims etc explain the fact that God answers everyone prayers and make miracles in all religions.
  65. Pakistan bans Christian television stations: Is the Christian religion feared around the world?
  66. Pope Francis thinks Christians should forgive domestic violence offenders . Should they forgive them by going back to them?
  67. Preserved dinosaur tail found: Were fossils planted by Satan to test Christians?
  68. Reply to a christians post and they dont respond. Is this because their faith is blind and they cant refute our reasons for not believing?
  69. Should Christian Mingle.Com have been forced to cater gay couples?
  70. Should Christian Science be Illegal
  71. Should Christians change?
  72. Should christians pray for the death of their perceived enemies?
  73. Should Christians Truly Follow The Bible?
  74. Should people follow a religion even though they don’t follow it themselves and be testified for the way they live? Ex: Gays and Christianity
  75. Should people follow a religions rules, even though they don’t follow it and testified because of it? Ex: Homosexuals and Christianity
  76. Should the US Government financially support countries that are currently persecuting Christians?
  77. The christian god has no right to punish innocent people for the sins of the guilty. Agreed?
  78. The Pope urges Christians to save the planet from “debris, desolation and filth.” Does the Pope have worldwide influence?
  79. Virtually all christians fail to acknowledge animals rights like they used to do with people.
  80. Was Wheaton College justified in suspending the professor who made a statement claiming Muslims and Christian worhsip the same god?
  81. What christians are calling interpretations are actually just choosing PARTS of the bible and ignoring the rest. Agreed?
  82. What religion is the better? Yes-Christianity No-Islam
  83. Who is more annoying Christians (Yes) or Atheists (No)
  84. Why (green) or Why don’t you (red) believe in an Abrahamic Faith? i.e. Judaism, Islam, Christianity.
  85. Why are we Christians always being told disrespectful images of Christ are free speech, while disrespectful Images of Mohammad are inexcusable?
  86. Your atheist, but you go to church, so are you a christian?

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