Christian Persuasive Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.10.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020

List of 25 Christian Persuasive Speech Topics

  1. Ancient Saints and the modern learning.
  2. Angels and devils – the aim behind their existence.
  3. Biblical concept regarding Trinity.
  4. Biblical description of miracles – do they really happen?
  5. Biblical description of Satan and the power it embodies.
  6. Christian education.
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  8. Christian Missionaries during the era of Roman Empire.
  9. Christian perspective over human soul after death.
  10. Comparing the iconographic programmes of two different churches in your area.
  11. Comparing the Old Testament with the New Testament.
  12. Concept of Absolution in light of Christian belief.
  13. Division among believers of Christianity in context of their religious practices.
  14. Evolution of Christianity in the modern age.
  15. Good spirits and evil spirits – the purpose behind their existence.
  16. How are the places, Hell and Paradise, explained in Bible?
  17. How Christian religion is more open to universal salvation as compared to other religions?
  18. How race and gender are portrayed in Christianity?
  19. Idolatry with reference to the Ten Commandments.
  20. Life and preaching of Jesus.
  21. Purpose of life in context of Christianity.
  22. Role of Christianity in developing a sense of community.
  23. Seeking God’s forgiveness – the way of Bible.
  24. Tower of Babel – the aim behind its construction.
  25. Trusting God’s will and master plan.
  26. Would practicing good deeds guarantee our soul’s entry to heaven?

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