Literature Essay Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.01.2019
Updated: 13.01.2020
Literature Essay Topics

Finally, many students can enjoy the perks of literary academic studies without the compulsory need to write a paper on the topic they don’t want and choose those they would love to work on. However, this might seem less like great news for those, who struggle with finding a perfect subject for in-depth study, and that’s why Topics Mill offers a list of titles that can be used for writing assignment and term papers when your education plan requires you to. This is where you can elaborate on the best ideas when comparing and analyzing any writing technique and explain why using them was effective to achieve the literary goals of the author.

In addition, having a good idea means that you’ll need to find enough reading time to process online and library resources to prove it, and make your thesis look more like professional papers. And you know what? You can publish your work in some literary magazine and get more than just a pass grade. After all, all the big writers did it before they became famous.

List of Literature Essay Topics

  1. A Literary Analysis of John Hersey
  2. A Literary Analysis Of Of An Athlete Dying Young
  3. A Literary Convention Expended by Junot Diaz
  4. A Literary Imagination Put to a Halt
  5. A Literary Look at the Afterlife
  6. A Literary Review of The Ticktockman by Harlan Ellison
  7. A Plight Of A People : Black Literary Tradition
  8. ABC Murders Literary Analysis
  9. Alias Grace Literary Essay: The Consequence of Childhood
  10. An Analysis of the Literary Works of Douglas Adams
  11. An Analysis of the Major Literary Elements in Catch-22
  12. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge: Literary Realism
  13. Ann Radcliffe: Literary Pioneer
  14. Archetypal Literary Criticism
  15. Argument for Sonja Livingston’s Inclusion in the Literary Canon
  16. Biblical Literary Criticism: Higher Criticism
  17. Characterization As A Literary Element Of Art
  18. Chuck Palahniuk: The Literary Art of Being Inappropriate
  19. Clashing Visions: A Future Founded in Literary Fantasy
  20. Colonialism in the Literary Short Story
  21. Controversy Surrounding Alienated Characters in Literary Works
  22. Cormac McCarthy: A Literary Genius
  23. Depictions of the Literary Sublime
  24. Dramatic and Literary Depictions of War
  25. English Education: A Literary Firestorm
  26. Fan Fiction in a Literary Context
  27. Feminist Literary Criticism and Lysistrata
  28. Gender Roles in Two Literary Works
  29. History and literary virtue system
  30. Introduction to Classical Indian Literary Tradition
  31. Invisible Man is an Important Literary Work
  32. Is Heathcliff a typical literary hero?
  33. Kierkegaard and Abraham: A Literary Tool and Belief in the Ideal Christian-Existentialist
  34. Langston Hughes – A Literary Genius
  35. Language and Literary Techniques in Othello
  36. Literary Analtsis: Urban Leyends
  37. Literary Analysis : Harrison Bergeron
  38. Literary Analysis : The Lesson By Toni Cade Bambara
  39. Literary Analysis and the Theory of Literature
  40. Literary Analysis of Barn Burning
  41. Literary Analysis of Dr. Seuss
  42. Literary Analysis of Feminism Seen in Antigone and A Doll’s House
  43. Literary Analysis of Movie
  44. Literary Analysis of The Color Purple
  45. Literary Analysis of the Enlightenment Period and Romanticism
  46. Literary Analysis of the Odyssey
  47. Literary Analysis Of The Red D
  48. Literary Analysis of To Kill A Mockingbird
  49. Literary Analysis of Various Stories
  50. Literary Analysis of Writing Styles Between Harper Lee and Stephen King
  51. Literary Analysis: A Laodicean
  52. Literary Analysis: Arthur Miller’s “Death of a Salesman” – A Tragedy?
  53. Literary Analysis: Briar Rose
  54. Literary Analysis: Clay and The Dead
  55. Literary Analysis: Combining Culture and Tradition
  56. Literary Analysis: Death of a Salesman
  57. Literary Analysis: Kew Gardens
  58. Literary Analysis: Slave Narratives
  59. Literary Analysis: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
  60. Literary Analysis: The Color Purple
  61. Literary Analysis: The End of the Affair and The Power and the Glory
  62. Literary and Philosophical Movement: THe Transcendental Movement
  63. Literary Canon: What Constitutes a Classic?
  64. Literary Censorship
  65. Literary Comparison Essay
  66. Literary Comparison Theme
  67. Literary Comparison: Shedding Light on the Holocaust
  68. Literary Contact: Discipleship in Matthew 16
  69. Literary Course Reflection
  70. Literary Criticism – “We Call Them Greasers”
  71. Literary Criticism : An Essential Tool For Successful Writing
  72. Literary Criticism Essay for Beauty and the Beast
  73. Literary Criticism Of The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman
  74. Literary Criticism of Wuthering Heights
  75. Literary Criticisms of Shakespeare’s Hamlet
  76. Literary Device and Their Uses
  77. Literary Device in Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë
  78. Literary Devices in Animal Farm
  79. Literary Devices in Following the Equator by Mark Twain
  80. Literary Devices in Macbeth
  81. Literary Devices Used By The Devine Comedy
  82. Literary Devices Used In Macbeth
  83. Literary Elements in Shakespeare´s Romeo and Juliet
  84. Literary Elements Of The Cask Of Amontillado By Edgar Allan Poe
  85. Literary Elements of The Storm by Kate Chopin
  86. Literary Elements Used in My Essays
  87. Literary Essay: Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales
  88. Literary Figures Of The Middle Ages
  89. Literary Genres of Canterbury Tales
  90. Literary Greatness By Shirley Jackson
  91. Literary History of England: Mrs. Warren
  92. Literary Insperation of the Holocaust
  93. Literary Interpretation Of Things Fall Apart
  94. Literary Legends: Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain
  95. Literary Luminaries and English Vocabulary
  96. Literary Magnum Opus of Toni Cade Bambara
  97. Literary Modes in War Literature, Such as The Things They Carried
  98. Literary Motif in Oedipus Rex
  99. Literary Representations Of The New Woman
  100. Literary Sources and Their Significance in Noh
  101. Literary Techniques And Literary Devices
  102. Literary Techniques in Works of Literature
  103. Literary Techniques of Charlotte Bronte
  104. Literary Techniques That Describe Feminine Strength
  105. Literary Techniques Used in Hamlet, by William Shakespeare
  106. Literary Techniques Used in the Memoir of Ishmael Beah, A Long Way Gone, Memoirs of a Boy Soldier
  107. Literary Text in EFL Classroom
  108. Literary Theories on Marxism
  109. Literary Theories: Metafiction
  110. Literary Theory : A Tool That Deepens Personal Understanding Of Texts
  111. Literary Works : Special Intensity
  112. Literary Works and the History They Tell
  113. Literary Works Commands The Reader
  114. Literary Works of Margaret Atwood
  115. Literary Works of The Lost Generation
  116. Literary Works that Influenced Science
  117. Literature – Postmodern Literary Criticism
  118. Literature : Literary And Cultural History
  119. Lord Of The Flies- Literary Analysis
  120. Macbeth Literary Critic Essay
  121. Many Theories from Literary Critics: John Cheever’s The Swimmer
  122. Marxist Literary Criticism
  123. Methods of Literary Critique
  124. Nathaniel Hawthorne: A Literary Genius
  125. Nathaniel Hawthorne: The Literary World Changer
  126. Naturalism Literary Period
  127. Obsession In Two Literary Works
  128. Philosophical Aspects of Literary Objectiveness
  129. Plot and Literary Style Must Interact in an Effective Way
  130. Pragmatic Literary Criticism
  131. Psychoanalytic Literary Criticism
  132. Reasonable Discipline: A Literary Examination
  133. Revenge In Two Literary Works
  134. Robert Frost and His Literary Devices
  135. Science Fiction Literary Works
  136. Sexist Novels and Literary Prizes
  137. Shakespeare: A Literary Grandmaster
  138. Slave Narrative Literary Analysis
  139. Structuralism as a Literary Movement
  140. Symbolism as a Literary Element
  141. Synthesis of The Reading-Writing Connection and Literary Borrowing
  142. The Authors of the Literary Fairy Tale
  143. The Beginnings of a National Literary Tradition
  144. The Canterbury Tales versus The Decameron: Literary Kissing Cousins
  145. The Effect of Social Status on Literary Characters
  146. The Effects of Power in Literary Works
  147. The Four Literary Tools Used in Julius Ceasar
  148. The Function of Literary Criticism
  149. The Great Gatsby: An Important Literary Work
  150. The Greatest Literary Emblem of the Middle Ages
  151. The Impact of Industrialization on Literary Characters
  152. The Importance of Distinction in Literary Theory and Criticism
  153. The Importance of Literary Trash
  154. The Lady, The Lapdog, And Literary Alterity
  155. The Life and Literary Achievements of Mark Twain
  156. The Literary Career of Bram Stoker
  157. The Literary Merit of Animal Farm
  158. The Literary Modernism Time Period
  159. The Literary Phenomenon : 50 Shades Of Grey
  160. The Literary Techniques Used to Evoke the World of Senses in Keats Odes
  161. The Literary Use of Religion by John Smith and William Bradford
  162. The Literary Value of The Lord of the Rings
  163. The Literary Works of Vladimir Nabokov
  164. The Moral Value Of Literary Fiction
  165. The Most Dangerous Game: A Literary Classic
  166. The Odyssey Literary Analysis
  167. The Subjective Meaning of Literary Texts
  168. The Theme of Nature in Literary Works
  169. The Treatment of Marriage in Two Literary Works
  170. The United States and the U.S.S.R’s Literary Freedom
  171. The Use of Literary Devices in Sophocles’ Oedipus the King and Antigone
  172. The Use of Religion as a Literary Element in Oedipus Rex
  173. The Wife of Bath: A Literary Analysis
  174. The Yellow Wallpaper And The Story Of An Hour Literary Analysis
  175. Their Eyes Were Watching: Literary Analysis
  176. Transcendentalism in America: The Philosophical and Literary Movement
  177. Use of Literary Techniques in Into The Wild, by John Krakauer
  178. Values and Morality in Literary Works
  179. Varying Approaches to Literary Analysis
  180. Violence and Monarchy in The Literary Works of Oresteia
  181. Welcome To The World of Literary Theory
  182. Who can be integrated into the literary canon of American Literature?
  183. Women in Distress: A Literary Analysis
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