Art Essay Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 17.01.2019
Updated: 13.01.2020
Art Essay Topics

It’s not a coincidence that Art was the most important subject in the education system of ancient civilizations, and this is also the way how we know about their existence. Many students tend to think that Art studies will be all about drawing, sculpting or video making when in fact, there are some theories and history they need to know before making one’s great ideas come true. Topics Mill’s list of Art Essay Topics includes the titles that are important to study for any artist or critique, and you can choose any topic you find interesting and start reading academic materials and papers to support your arguments and viewpoints in the assignment.

That’s not all good news. If you decided to pursue your career as an art dealer or collector, you better be using this opportunity to absorb most of the information in your library or online about the art and learn how to write the best paper for the people to enjoy reading it. It can help you to develop an effective writing style and communicate with your clients about art in the most professional tone. In addition, finding your voice out of many others is a perfect idea for combining art and writing and leave the legacy you as an art critique.

List of Art Essay Topics

  1. 19th Century Art
  2. Accepting All Art
  3. Advances in Art
  4. African Art
  5. Ai Weiwei´s Art and Censorship
  6. An Art Museum At Six Years Old
  7. An Experimental Class Titled Art Therapy
  8. An Investigation of Art in the Age of Mechanical Duplication
  9. Analysis of album art of the 20th Century
  10. Analysis of the Asian Art Market
  11. Art & Liberty
  12. Art Analysis
  13. Art and Aesthetics
  14. Art and Architecture in Germany and Czech Republic
  15. Art And Art Of Art
  16. Art and History Displayed at the Pompeii Exhibition at LACMA
  17. Art and Its Basis in Convention
  18. Art and the Human Psyche
  19. Art And Vision : Paul Crowther
  20. Art Appreciation
  21. Art As a Shared Experience
  22. Art as an Academic Discipline
  23. Art As An Expression Of Human Creativity
  24. Art as Expression
  25. Art Comparing
  26. Art History
  27. Art History and Analysis
  28. Art History in Tourism and Leisure
  29. Art History Research Paper
  30. Art History: Traditional and Contemporary
  31. Art Is A Human Skill
  32. Art Movementor and Design of Video Games
  33. Art Museum
  34. Art Of Public Relations : Art
  35. Art of the Contemporary African Diasporal
  36. Art Therapy : A Beneficial Technique
  37. Art Therapy: A Necessary Tool for Success
  38. Art, Design and Culture
  39. Art, Liberation, Rebellion and Relevance
  40. Art: Comparison and Contrast of 19th Century Art
  41. Art: Nutrition for the Mind
  42. Baroque Art
  43. Beauty is More Than Skin Deep: Depictions of Aging Women in Ancient Egyptian Art
  44. Before Our Eyes: The Collections of The Minneapolis Institute of Art
  45. Breakthroughs in the Evolution of Art
  46. British Art Critic And Philosopher, Clive Bell, Defended Abstract Art
  47. Brutalism in Art
  48. Byzantine Art: Justinian and Hagia Sophia
  49. Chapter Ten: The Experiment of Caricature, Art and Illusion by E.H Gombrich
  50. Creativity in Various Art Forms
  51. Dadaism and Conceptual Art: Marcel Duchamp
  52. Describing Two Works of Art
  53. Different Philosophies Of Art And Art
  54. Digital Art: The Central Point Between Technology and Art
  55. Digital vs. Traditional Art
  56. Early Christian Art
  57. Early Italian Renaissance Art
  58. Early Renaissance Art
  59. Edmund Feldman and Art Criticism
  60. Egyptian Art vs. Sumerian Art
  61. Emotional Release: Benefits of Art Therapy
  62. Engaging with Art
  63. Environmental Art
  64. Event Essay I: Dallas Museum of Art; “The Lens of Impressionism”
  65. Factors That Have Influenced The Modern Art Movement
  66. Feminist Art History
  67. Fine Art, Fashion and Design
  68. France: Nineteenth-Century Art and Society
  69. Futurism: An Extinct Art Movement
  70. Geometry in Art
  71. Global Art Market
  72. Graeco-Buddhist Art in Gandhara
  73. Graffiti an Art or Not
  74. Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?
  75. Himalayan Art
  76. History of American Art Education
  77. History of Japanese Art
  78. How Design And Fine Art
  79. Humanities Event: Kinetic Art movement
  80. Importance Of Art And Its Achievements
  81. Importance of Art Education
  82. Impressionism In Art
  83. Impressionist effects on Modern Art
  84. Influence Of Art On African Art
  85. Influence Of Greek Art
  86. Intimate Life in Contemporary Art
  87. Is Art Makes You Smart?
  88. Is the Future of Art Digital?
  89. It is The End of the History of Art?
  90. LA County Museum of Art
  91. Land Art
  92. Langa’s Art Analysis
  93. Losing Yourself in Art
  94. Loss of Love and Power, but Long Live the Art!
  95. Loving Classical Art (Before It Was Cool)
  96. Meaning Mishaps and the Nature of Art
  97. Meaning Mishaps and the True Meaning of Art
  98. Modern Art And Modern Culture
  99. Movements in Art Report
  100. My Feelings On Various Works of Art
  101. My Interpretation of Art
  102. New Media Alights the Realm of Art History
  103. Nude Art in the Medieval and Renaissance Period
  104. Nudity in Art History
  105. Once Upon a Times: Art of the Himalayan Region
  106. OPTICAL ILLUSIONS: The Art of Deception of Perception
  107. Orientalist Art Masterpieces
  108. Original Definition of Art
  109. Paraskeva Clark’s Wartime Art
  110. Photography- The Path to Art
  111. Pinnacles of Art
  112. Plato Vs. Aristotle On Art
  113. Polishness of Polish Art.
  114. Pop Art : The Pop Artist
  115. Pop Art Final : Andy Warhol
  116. Portraying the New Negro in Art
  117. Post-Impressionism and Van Gogh: The Conduit in Art History.
  118. Postmodern Art
  119. Promoting Creativity: The Importance of Art in Education
  120. Public Art
  121. Rape in Romanesque Art
  122. Readymade Art
  123. Reflecting The Viewpoints of Time in Art
  124. Relationship between Mechanical Reproduction, Art and Culture
  125. Relationship Between Religion and Art in Medieval, Renaissance and Contemporary Times
  126. Religion Expressed Through Art
  127. Renaissance Art
  128. Renaissance Art Evaluation
  129. Revolutionary Work of Art
  130. Rise of Photography in the World of Art
  131. Rococo Art in Europe and America
  132. Romanticism in European Art and Culture
  133. Seven Days in the Art World
  134. Should Photojournalism or Documentary Photography Be Considred Art?
  135. Similarities Between India And Greek Art
  136. Stained Glass Art: Visual Emotions
  137. State of Art Exhibit: Reflection of My Beliefs and Values
  138. Statues of David in Renaissance Art
  139. Symbolism in the Gothic Art Movement
  140. The 12th Birthday Celebration of Art Enables
  141. The Art and Mechanics of Timelapse Photography
  142. The Art Gallery of New South Wales: A Virtual Experience
  143. The Art Lover by Robert Amos
  144. The Art of Advertising: Newtype USA
  145. The Art of Benin
  146. The Art of Defence
  147. The Art of Drawing
  148. The Art of Hans Hofmann and Kamimir Malevich
  149. The Art of Murder
  150. The Art of Pacita Abad
  151. The Art of Painting: Watercolor Paints
  152. The Art of Taxidermy and Why it Should Be Considered an Art
  153. The Art of War, by Sun Tzu
  154. The Art Theft Problem
  155. The Business of Art: How its Becoming a Commodity
  156. The Changing Art of Wayang Theater
  157. The Chapel of Vence: Art and Enlightenment
  158. The Columbus Museum of Art
  159. The Contemporary Western Art World
  160. The Cultural Art of Body Art
  161. The Digitization Of Art And Its Impact On The Art World
  162. The Discipline of Chinese Painting: An Internal Reflection of Life & Art
  163. The Effect Rococo Art Had on the Equality of Women to Men
  164. The Effects Of Art Education On School Children
  165. The Effects Of Art On The Brain
  166. The Expressions of Art and Its Influence in Our Lives
  167. The Functions Of Art And Language
  168. The Impact of Art
  169. The Importance of Art
  170. The Importance of Art Education
  171. The Importance of Art Education in Young Children
  172. The Importance of Art in My Family
  173. The Importance of Art in School
  174. The Influence of Impressionism in Contemporary Art
  175. The Interconnectivity of Graffiti Art in Popular Culture
  176. The Language of The Prophetic Art by David Bindman
  177. The Life and Art of Pablo Picasso
  178. The Lost Art of the Unfortunate
  179. The Magic of the Conservator: Ensuring Art Does Not Disappear
  180. The Many Forms of Art
  181. The Masterminds of Art
  182. The Meaning of a Work of Art
  183. The Meaning of Art
  184. The Metropolitan Museum Of Art
  185. The Modern Civilization in Contemporary Installation Art
  186. The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago
  187. The Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD)
  188. The Neo Wittgensteinian Theory Of Art
  189. The Parthenon´s Influence in Art
  190. The Perspective of Art by Francis Bacon
  191. The Phoenix Art Museum: The Impact of Art
  192. The Power of Art Therapy
  193. The Rauschenberg Art Piece
  194. The Role of Gender in Art
  195. The Role Of Mass Media On Pop Art
  196. The Total Work of Art or the Total Way of Life
  197. The True Value of Street Art
  198. The Two Main Branches of Art Therapy
  199. The Value of Art
  200. The Work Of Art During The Age Of Mechanical Reproduction
  201. The World Of Art And The Art World
  202. The World Of Art, All Things Are Possible
  203. The, An Anti Art Movement
  204. This is Our World: Art Is In Part of Our Lives
  205. Tolstoy’s “What Is Art?”
  206. Trauma and Recovery in Art
  207. UK Art Market and the Economic Crisis
  208. Urban Public Art in Canada
  209. Van Gogh Art Case Study
  210. Video Games as an Art Form
  211. What Is Art?
  212. What is Postmodern Art?
  213. Why Is Plato Considered Art As Just An Imitation
  214. Why People don’t Understand Contemporary Art?

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