Criminal Justice Thesis Topics

List of 26 Criminal Justice Thesis Topics

  1. Criminal Justice and Violent Female Violators
  2. Death Qualification and Convictions
  3. Discuss the effectiveness and righteousness of using capital punishment to deter crime.
  4. Discuss the effectiveness of strategies used to deter or completely stop criminal behavior.
  5. Expungement In Different Countries Across The Globe
  6. Gang Resistance and Efficacy of Police Department in the United States.
  7. How accurate are the portrayals of the criminal justice system in movies, television, and novels?
  8. How Can Prison Overcrowding Problems Can Be Best Resolved?
  9. How Do Correction Programs And Strategies In America Lead The American Society Towards Recidivism?
  10. How do female offenders have contributed towards the increasing statistics of crime?
  11. How Do Media Play The Role To Help Law Enforcement Officials Control Crimes?
  12. How do people who make public policy decisions affect the way that criminal justice system works in their communities?
  13. How does a neighborhood influence the chances of being involved in the criminal justice system?
  14. How Does Criminal Justice System Discriminate Against Racial And Ethnic Minorities?
  15. How does the history of criminal justice affect the way the criminal justice world works today?
  16. Law enforcement and the media
  17. Police Stops and Race
  18. Prosecutors and Public Defenders
  19. War Crimes and International Law
  20. What are the effects of cybercrimes and what demographics are more likely to be convicted of them?
  21. What determines the accuracy of a crime map that tries to predict criminal activities?
  22. What is the relationship between educational levels and time spent in the criminal justice system?
  23. What is the relationship between the amount of time spent reading and in the criminal justice system?
  24. What is the role of private companies in the public criminal justice system?
  25. Why are people who were in the criminal justice system often found guilty of more crimes after they are released?
  26. Why Penalties For Criminals Responsible For Domestic Violence Have Changed Across Difference States? Were The Changes In Criminal Penalties Successful Or Unsuccessful In Different States?

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