Descriptive Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 11.02.2020
Updated: 12.02.2020
Descriptive Speech Topics

List of 46 Descriptive Speech Topics

  1. A place you like to show your audience and why.
  2. A sports event you will never forget.
  3. An object you never give away.
  4. Animal shelter that you have been to.
  5. Challenges of learning something new.
  6. How an airplane is prepared for take off – imagine we are in the cockpit.
  7. How you experienced a typhoon or any other natural disaster.
  8. How you got lost in unknown city.
  9. How you have found and developed a description idea…
  10. How you met your old friend.
  11. How you negotiate and bought a car for a discount price.
  12. Interior of your university.
  13. One day from your life.
  14. One day of being a student.
  15. One day of your volunteering work.
  16. The activity which you dedicate much time to.
  17. The best exterior solution you have ever come across.
  18. The best place to travel in winter.
  19. The best time that you had with your family.
  20. The book that changed your worldview.
  21. The book which you would recommend to read.
  22. The building which architecture you adore.
  23. The home you lived in in your childhood.
  24. The issue of homelessness in your city.
  25. The most beautiful view of a hotel room during vacation.
  26. The most important person in your life.
  27. The most impressive photo.
  28. The movie that changed your life.
  29. The movie theatre you attended recently – mention the movie-going experience from the moment to enter the building, the devices used, the big screen, the seats, the decoration, et cetera.
  30. The nightlife in your favorite town.
  31. The painting of contemporary art which value you do not get.
  32. The painting that impressed you.
  33. The person you admire.
  34. The place you like visiting.
  35. The short cut from your educational institution to the local supermarket.
  36. The smartest person you have ever met.
  37. The social organization that you consider the most effective.
  38. The tricks and treats of being a college student.
  39. The volunteer organization that gets you inspired.
  40. Your experience of learning a foreign language.
  41. Your favorite exercise gym.
  42. Your graduation day.
  43. Your ideal apartment.
  44. Your little baby brother’s first steps – the process of walking.
  45. Your most memorable birthday party.
  46. Your visit to an exhibition.

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