Call To Action Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 11.02.2020
Updated: 12.02.2020
Call To Action Speech Topics

List of 290+ Call To Action Speech Topics

  1. ‘Early to sleep, early to rise’ benefits.
  2. ‘Living together’ relationships, good or bad?
  3. 13 Reasons Why: Did it glorify suicide?
  4. Abortion: pro-choice or pro-life?
  5. Ads should be tested for sexist messages before being aired. (Feminism)
  6. Affirmative Action today
  7. Age 16 is not juvenile. (School?)
  8. Aliens exist. (Paranormal)
  9. All institutions like schools, colleges and offices should start only after 10.
  10. Alternative political parties (i.e., Green Party, Libertarian Party, etc.)
  11. Alternative sex education (not abstinence-only and inclusive of LGBT lifestyle)
  12. Alternative uses of oral contraceptives
  13. Appointment of Supreme Court Justice
  14. Are is worth it to ban plastic straws?
  15. Are laws too lenient on violent criminals?
  16. Are master’s degree or doctorate really necessary? (Students)
  17. Are multi-level marketing companies really pyramid schemes?
  18. Are newly proposed voter registration laws discriminatory?
  19. Are pretty or handsome students really dumber? (School)
  20. Are single-sex schools better than coed? (School)
  21. Are uniforms necessary?
  22. Are women underrepresented in Congress?
  23. Arranged marriage: a cultural tradition or outdated practice?
  24. Banning disposable diapers in favor of cloth diapers
  25. Battling stereotypes and making them obsolete
  26. Being a foster or adoptive parent
  27. Being slim is not just about looks but health too. (Health?)
  28. Benefits of donating blood.
  29. Benefits of eating fruit over drinking its juice. (Health)
  30. Benefits of forest schools for children
  31. Benefits of meditation. (Health)
  32. Benefits of public transportation, biking, walking, or carpooling
  33. Best genre and time period of music
  34. Better education for at home waste management
  35. Birth controls should be free and easily available. (Feminism?)
  36. Buying a house versus renting an apartment
  37. Buying local builds up the community.
  38. Can an influencer be held responsible if they promote a harmful product unknowingly?
  39. Can someone find true love on The Bachelor?
  40. Capital punishment: right or wrong?
  41. Caring for an aging population: are Social Security and Medicare enough?
  42. Cats or dogs?
  43. Changing gender on a driver’s license
  44. Children should be allowed to use electronics like mobile, notebooks etc. during breaks. (Students)
  45. Cigarette, alcohol or drugs are not the answer for stress or other problems in life.
  46. Cigarettes should be illegal.
  47. Civil lawsuits should not receive so much attention in the media.
  48. Comparing the work week in Europe to the work week in the United States
  49. Conserving water in our everyday lives
  50. Considering the real meaning behind Nursery Rhymes, should they be taught to children? (School)
  51. Controlling E. Coli and other food borne illnesses
  52. Conventional versus organic produce
  53. Corporate lobbyists and campaign contributions
  54. Cost of living versus average salaries
  55. Countries should provide free Wi-Fi in tourist destinations.
  56. DACA DREAMers Movement
  57. Dangers of drilling for oil
  58. Dangers of sitting at a desk all day
  59. Declaring “Independent” or “No Party Affiliation” on voter registration.
  60. Divorced and happy parents is better for the children than living in a conflicted home.
  61. DNA evidence in criminal cases: is it enough?
  62. Do current proposed abortion laws violate Roe v. Wade?
  63. Do detox diets really work?
  64. Do not tolerate abuse, speak out. (Feminism)
  65. Do parents deceive children by telling tales of Santa Claus?
  66. Do you agree with the research on equal pay between men and women?
  67. Do zoos and circuses abuse animals?
  68. Doctors and insurance: should they accept all insurance?
  69. Does pressure build or break a person?
  70. Drones and the environment
  71. Electronics are stealing childhood.
  72. Employers should offer mental health days without question
  73. Energy drinks should be considered borderline medicines. (Health)
  74. Ethics as a mandatory high school class
  75. Euthanasia for terminally ill individuals
  76. Euthanasia, is it ethical?
  77. Every citizen should be required to, at least, pass high school. (School)
  78. Every property should compulsorily have trees. (Environment)
  79. Everyday products that could be dangerous: deodorant, toothpaste, etc.
  80. Everyone should learn swimming.
  81. Exotic pets are not pets. (Animal rights)
  82. Factory farms and greenhouse gas emissions
  83. Fairytales should be re-written for the next generation children.
  84. Fast food industry and obesity rates
  85. Fast foods are overpriced.
  86. Fee for facilities aside, the tuition fee should be fixed by the government. (Student)
  87. Feminism should be made a compulsory subject in high school and college. (Feminism)
  88. Food additives, preservatives, and cancer rates
  89. Global climate change and increased severity of storms
  90. GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in foods: to label or not to label?
  91. Good thoughts lead to good actions.
  92. Greenhouse gas emissions in Asia
  93. Growing food as a homesteader
  94. Gun rights on school campuses: is it safe?
  95. Hair care and air quality
  96. Healthiest world cuisine
  97. Hiding your HIV status in a relationship should be punishable by law.
  98. Hiring volunteers on zero pay is cruel.
  99. Homework should be banned. (School)
  100. Honking unnecessarily should be punishable.
  101. Hostels, is it good or bad for children? (Parenting)
  102. How a time table can help manage our daily lives.
  103. How can the mass shooting crisis be solved?
  104. How do marijuana farms affect the surrounding area’s environment?
  105. How do we address the increasing problem of homelessness?
  106. How long should a drunk driver lose his license for?
  107. How many terms should politicians be allowed to serve?
  108. How our phones are hurting our eyes
  109. How to ace any test
  110. How to create a strong community
  111. How to deal with the issue of illegal immigration
  112. How to get accepted into an Ivy League school
  113. How to impart ethical behavior to the next generation
  114. How to reduce your carbon footprint
  115. Humans are consuming way more salt than necessary. (Health)
  116. Hybrid and electric cars on the road
  117. If girls can wear pants, boys can wear skirts. (Funny?)
  118. Impact of big box stores on the environment
  119. Impact of online retailers’ packaging and shipping on the environment
  120. Importance of clubs in school or colleges. (School)
  121. Internet promotes communication, not kill it.
  122. Is a wedding reception worth the price tag?
  123. Is binge-watching Netflix bad for our health?
  124. Is common law marriage outdated?
  125. Is death penalty ethical?
  126. Is diabetes reversible?
  127. Is it racism to ban Marijuana when smoking tobacco is legal? (Funny)
  128. Is it right for the government to fund partisan organizations?
  129. Is it right to cut down a tree for the holidays?
  130. Is it right to own a gun for personal protection?
  131. Is racial discrimination on the rise? Why or why not?
  132. Is the borrowing limit for student loans too high?
  133. Is the death penalty obsolete?
  134. IVF (Invitro fertilization): Should becoming a parent be covered?
  135. Keto vs Paleo vs Vegan: which is better?
  136. Killing for fun is inhuman, hunting is inhuman. (Animal rights)
  137. Know the woes of genetically modified Chickens.
  138. Laws should not be based on religion.
  139. Learning multiple language widens our perception of the world.
  140. Legalization of gay marriage
  141. Legalization of Marijuana
  142. Legalization of prostitution has more positive effects than negative.
  143. License revoking for older drivers: is it against their rights?
  144. Living with parents to save money
  145. Make all bills and business correspondence paperless.
  146. Mandated reporting (Mandated reporters are individuals who are required to report any information they receive about abuse, suicidal ideation, etc.)
  147. Mandatory community service for all U.S. citizens
  148. Mandatory CPR and First Aid training for new parents
  149. Mandatory study abroad semester in college
  150. Marriage is not about procreation. (Gay rights)
  151. Marvel vs DC
  152. Massages as necessities rather than luxuries
  153. Meat consumption and its effects on life expectancy
  154. Medical marijuana to treat chronic conditions
  155. Military members and income tax
  156. Mind-body fitness versus traditional Western sports
  157. Minimum wage: should it exist or be forgotten?
  158. Mistreatment of farm animals: what is the solution?
  159. Most effective ways to manage stress
  160. Most exciting travel destination
  161. Moving from the “medical model” to holistic health
  162. Multitasking: fact or fiction?
  163. Music heals.
  164. Number of children one can have should be limited and children with previous partner(s) counts.
  165. Obscure movies that people should watch
  166. Oceans are not trash bins. (Environment)
  167. Oil spills and world wildlife
  168. Online piracy should be monitored more strictly.
  169. Organic farming practices
  170. Original organic fruits taste better than the hybrids.
  171. Overcoming social anxiety
  172. Overfishing and dwindling populations of marine wildlife
  173. Palm oil: should it be outlawed?
  174. Parents should cook tastier option instead of making children eat the healthy foods they don’t want.
  175. Parents should properly answer their children’s curiosities. (Parenting)
  176. Partial Birth Abortion is a sin.
  177. Pay for play in college athletics
  178. Performance enhancing steroids in competitive sports
  179. Pet shops and breeders versus shelters
  180. Playing Video games for few hours does good. (School/ parenting?)
  181. Police brutality and shootings (in general or a specific case in the news such as Philando Castile in Minnesota)
  182. Political correctness versus freedom of speech
  183. Popular vote vs. Electoral College
  184. Pre-existing conditions and insurance rates
  185. Preselecting the gender and other aspects of an unborn baby
  186. Private vs. Public Prisons
  187. Product testing on animals in labs
  188. Proficiency in academics is not the only measure of intelligence. (School)
  189. Prospective parent(s) should get a psychiatric approval before adoption. (Parenting)
  190. Protecting children from inappropriate websites
  191. Protection and breeding of white tigers is illogical; why hinder natural selection? (Environment/ Animal rights)
  192. Protests: are they effective?
  193. Racial and ethnic profiling (including FBI criminal profiling)
  194. Raising children without being married
  195. Re-sentencing for crimes involving marijuana in states where it is now legal
  196. Read before agreeing to sites and applications.
  197. Recycle e-waste. (Environment)
  198. Refusing to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance
  199. Religion versus spiritualism
  200. Replacing plastic with glass and cardboard
  201. Responsible credit card strategies
  202. Restaurant responsibility with peanut, gluten, and other allergies
  203. Returning or rehoming pets: is it right?
  204. Saving rainforests and their indigenous species
  205. Scholarship opportunities for minority students
  206. School and teachers should stay away from student’s personal life. (School?)
  207. School cafeteria food and children’s health
  208. Schools should take bullying more seriously. / Why bullying is a serious offense. (School)
  209. Send drug dealers to prison but addicts for rehabilitation.
  210. Sexual relationship before marriage is not a crime.
  211. Should a patient be allowed to deny medical care?
  212. Should all policemen where body cameras?
  213. Should astrologers, mediums and the likes be arrested for fraud? (Paranormal)
  214. Should bullies be expelled from school?
  215. Should catfishing be a criminal offense?
  216. Should children be allowed into an R-rated movie even with a guardian?
  217. Should children be bought a mobile phone for emergencies? (Parenting)
  218. Should cigarettes be taken off the market and made illegal?
  219. Should citizens be required to serve in the military for a period of time?
  220. Should companies be allowed to deny service to anyone?
  221. Should criminal minors be prosecuted and sentenced as adults?
  222. Should government employees go without pay during a shutdown?
  223. Should health insurance be mandatory by law?
  224. Should hunting be outlawed in national parks to protect its wildlife?
  225. Should individuals be allowed to adopt?
  226. Should it be illegal to flush certain things into the sewage system?
  227. Should men pay child support even if pregnancy was a one sided decision? (Feminism)
  228. Should new homes support solar energy only?
  229. Should pharmaceutical patents be removed so affordable generics can be made?
  230. Should plastic surgery be so commercial?
  231. Should politicians be allowed to use private donations to campaign?
  232. Should the voting age be increased or decreased?
  233. Should there be more physical education in schools?
  234. Should violent movies and video games be banned?
  235. Should voters with no party affiliation be allowed to vote in primary elections?
  236. Smoking in public places should be fined.
  237. Social media and mental health
  238. Some juveniles needs to be prosecuted as adults. (School?)
  239. Spaying or neutering pets is good or bad? (Animal right)
  240. Stem cell research
  241. Student loan borrowing: should it ever be forgiven?
  242. Students should get minimum of 45 minutes tiffin break. (School)
  243. Survival skills should be taught in school.
  244. Swing states (i.e., Florida and Ohio)
  245. Tax responsibility: income tax, property tax, sales tax.
  246. Teachers should discuss among themselves to avoid giving too much homework. (School)
  247. Teachers, too, should keep their mobiles in silent during class.
  248. Teaching yoga and meditation in public schools
  249. Teens cannot be good parents. (School/ Parenting)
  250. Telemarketers and Harassment
  251. Terrorist watch lists – safety precaution or blatant prejudice?
  252. The 40-hour work week is too long.
  253. The amount of water one should drink per day. (Health)
  254. The benefits (or challenges) of a multicultural society
  255. The best U.S. President in history
  256. The cumulative effects of poor sleep (and how electronics impact our sleep)
  257. The mind-body connection and its influence on health
  258. The most influential leader or figure in history
  259. There should be one holiday in the middle of workdays.
  260. Tithing – how much should each person give?
  261. Trophy hunting: should the penalties be harsher?
  262. Truth about vaccines and autism
  263. Turning the practice of recycling into a law punishable by hefty fines
  264. Uneven distribution of wealth: the top 1% versus everyone else
  265. Unlimited Paid Time Off vs Accrued time off
  266. Unrealistic beauty/body standards and self-image
  267. Using animals as test subjects is cruel and unfair. (Animal rights)
  268. Was it right for Dr. Kevorkian (assisted suicide physician) to be imprisoned?
  269. Water contamination: What preventative measures can be taken?
  270. Wearing fur or using fur for any profit
  271. Welfare, SNAP, and other social assistance programs
  272. What age is proper to talk about the birds and the bees? (Parenting)
  273. What can be done about anonymous online bullying?
  274. What is the right age to start owing a mobile phone? (Parenting)
  275. What kind of food should school or college canteen offer? (Student)
  276. What to do about cults, gangs, and similar groups
  277. When should a child be allowed to have a smartphone?
  278. Which vitamin supplements are worthless and should go off the market?
  279. White meat over red meat or the other way around? (Health)
  280. Who is more responsible for poaching? Poachers or buyers? (Animal right)
  281. Why become an organ donor?
  282. Why breakfast is the important meal of the day. (Health)
  283. Why Gay Marriage should be legalized. (Gay rights)
  284. Why homeschooling is good and should be promoted. (School)
  285. Why people who have should give.
  286. Why religion and science should go hand in hand. / Why religion should evolve with scientific discoveries. (Philosophy)
  287. Why suicide over ‘love troubles’ is stupid. (Students)
  288. Why women should earn irrespective of their husband’s economic status. (Feminism)
  289. Wildfires on the rise in California
  290. Women shouldn’t have to change their last name after marriage. (Feminism)
  291. Would it be ethical to genetically design babies? (Technology?)
  292. Wrongful termination case study
  293. Zoos are not big enough for wild animals. (Animal rights)

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