Graduation Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 11.02.2020
Updated: 12.02.2020
Graduation Speech Topics

List of 60 Graduation Speech Topics

  1. About Those Big Dreams…
  2. Be an Original, Not a Carbon Copy
  3. Be As Persistent As you Can Be and Do not Give Up
  4. Be Yourself
  5. Believe in Yourself
  6. Create!
  7. Do Not Let Others Define Who You Are
  8. Dream Big!
  9. Facing the Next Big Challenge
  10. Figure Out Who You Are
  11. Finding Inspiration
  12. Follow Your Dreams
  13. Funny Graduation Speeches
  14. Get Better at Trusting Yourself
  15. Giving Back
  16. Having Integrity
  17. High School Mistakes I Learned From
  18. If You Cannot Embrace Change, At Least Give It a Hug Once in a While
  19. If You Think You Can, You Can
  20. Imagine!
  21. Inspirational Graduation Speeches
  22. Learn from Other’s Mistakes
  23. Learn from Your Mistakes
  24. Learn To Fail or Fail to Learn
  25. Leaving the Past Behind
  26. Let’s Remain Lifelong Friends
  27. Live in the Moment
  28. Maintaining Focus and Determination
  29. My Best High School Memories
  30. Never Give Up!
  31. Never Stop Learning
  32. Nothing is really over until the moment you stop trying. – Dyson
  33. Nudge Yourself To Take More Risks
  34. Our Class United When
  35. Overcoming Obstacles
  36. Persistence
  37. Remember This?
  38. Remind Yourself To Be Present
  39. Serious Graduation Speeches
  40. Set Goals for Success
  41. Setting Goals
  42. Setting High Expectations
  43. Step Up and Out
  44. Striving on to Perfection
  45. Take a Leap of Faith
  46. Take Initiative and Get in the Game
  47. Taking Responsibility
  48. The Golden Rule
  49. The Importance of School
  50. The Importance of Taking Risks
  51. The Most Important Lesson I Learned in School
  52. Try Selflessness and Give Back
  53. Use Your Imagination and Your Creativity
  54. What Comes Next?
  55. What I Learned in High School
  56. Who Are You?
  57. Why I Don’t Want to Leave High School
  58. Work Hard and Keep Walking the Road
  59. You Are What You Believe
  60. You Do Not Need To Be Perfect

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