4 H Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 11.02.2020
Updated: 12.02.2020
4 H Speech Topics

List of 4 H Speech Topics

  1. “B” is for Brothers, “S” is for Sisters Africa
  2. 10 Reason Why I Think the Crocodile Hunter is CRAZY!
  3. A America Under Attack
  4. A World Without Animals
  5. A World Without Boys
  6. Abducted by Aliens
  7. Alaska Trip
  8. Appearance
  9. At the Beach
  10. Being A Good Cheerleader
  11. Best Friends Forever
  12. Bump, Set, Spike
  13. Carb Queen
  14. Chores
  15. Cleaning My Cage
  16. Cleaning My Room
  17. Clowns Will Eat Me
  18. Clucky for Miss USA
  19. Critters, Gators, and Geese
  20. Daily Routine
  21. Doors
  22. Dreamlands
  23. Everyone Should Own a Pet
  24. Exclusive Info on an Elusive Author
  25. Fables, Old & New
  26. Fairy Tales 101
  27. Full House
  28. Getting Up In The Morning
  29. Going to 6th Grade
  30. Good-bye Grandpa
  31. Harry Potter-Inside the Books
  32. Help! I’m Trapped In My Kitty Kat’s Body My Trip to the Big Apple My Special Talent
  33. Here We Go Again
  34. Homework
  35. How Australians Live
  36. How Corny is the Brady Bunch
  37. How I Found Out I Can Go To Another Planet: Story Strange But True
  38. How Much I Hate This Assignment It’s a Scary, Funny World
  39. How My Brother & Dog Are Alike
  40. How To Be A Respectful Person
  41. How To Become A Great Comedian
  42. How To Get A Bigger, Badder, Older Sister The Books
  43. How’s America Doing George Washington?
  44. I Believe I Can Fly
  45. I Just Want a Medal
  46. I’m Stuck In Munchkin Land
  47. If You Were Me for the Day
  48. India’s Poor Children
  49. It Is Important to Honor Women
  50. Karate
  51. Kenya
  52. Kids Can Make A Difference
  53. Life In Middle School
  54. Life’s Truth
  55. Little Brothers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Being a Miami Hurricane Fan in FSU Territory
  56. Living With A Lawyer Mom
  57. Major Payne Compared to Major Pain The Uniqueness of My Classmates Adventure for Me
  58. Mama’s Chickens
  59. Me, My Mom, and Please, No Cooking
  60. Medicine, Yuck!
  61. Missing: My Teeth
  62. Models of America
  63. Mom’s Day Out
  64. Monsters
  65. Moo Cow Crazy
  66. Most Embarrassing Moment
  67. My (Sports) “Fan”atic Dad
  68. My Annoying Baby Sister
  69. My Annoying Brother
  70. My Annoying Little Brother
  71. My Cousin’s Car
  72. My Crazy Cats
  73. My Dog and Her Obsession With Chewing
  74. My Dog Todd
  75. My First Pet
  76. My First School Year Experience
  77. My Grandma – The Muscle Lady
  78. My Hero, Martin Luther King, Jr.
  79. My Hip Hop Grandma
  80. My Invention
  81. My Life As A Greek American Don’t Be A Fool/Stay In School Cellar Airheads
  82. My Life Changing Experience
  83. My Little Sister
  84. My Memory Box
  85. My Missing Dog
  86. My Mom and the Wheel of Fortune It’s Not Easy Being Me
  87. My Most Embarrassing Moment
  88. My Pesky Sister
  89. My School Life
  90. My Sister (Part II)
  91. My Ski Trip
  92. My Snake, Melon Ring
  93. My Step-Dad & the Pittsburgh Steelers Cutting My Hair
  94. My Unique Dog
  95. My Weird Family
  96. My Worst Hunting Trip
  97. Never Do It Again
  98. Night Read
  99. No Thanks! I’ll Breathe!
  100. Numismatism: Easier Done Than Said My First Time Skiing An Embarrassing Time
  101. Oh Me, Oh My, How Fast Time Flies Tests, Tests, Tests!
  102. Oh No, Rusty’s at it Again!
  103. One Day on Planet Neptune
  104. Onion Soup
  105. Orlando-The Vacation Spot For Children Lincoln’s
  106. Out on the Farm
  107. Parents
  108. Pet Hunter
  109. Pimple
  110. Plug Your Ears
  111. Protecting My Heritage and Culture Holiday Fever
  112. Proud To Be An American
  113. Running For Office
  114. Ser Bilingual
  115. Shop Till You Drop
  116. Shorty
  117. Snoring
  118. Sting-Ray
  119. Stop & Think, Somebody Is Watching
  120. Switching Places with My Dog
  121. Taking A Walk On the Ocean Floor
  122. The Alphabet Game
  123. The Cheese Monkeys Dictionary
  124. The Christmas Crisis
  125. The Clark Family Hotel
  126. The Darkness
  127. The Day A Lion Got Me In Trouble
  128. The Destruction Of The Rain Forest
  129. The Difference Between Elementary & Middle School My Snake Experience
  130. The Door Under the Pool
  131. The Fall
  132. The Four Letter Word We All Dread
  133. The Good & the Bad of a Bug’s Life
  134. The Least Of These
  135. The Middle
  136. The Music Tomato
  137. The Perfect Fit
  138. The Places He Visited
  139. The Red Head From Down Under
  140. The Runaway Bunny
  141. The Silver Bullet
  142. The Six Foot Hamburger
  143. The Vital Importance of Choosing a Proper Golf Coach
  144. The Way We Speak
  145. They Need It More Than You Do O-U-T!
  146. Things Could Be Worse
  147. Tradition
  148. Turkey
  149. Twins: Dream or Nightmare?
  150. Vote For Me
  151. What Can Brown Do For You?
  152. What Does It Mean To Be An American? It’s Good To Try Something New Horse Scents
  153. What Friendship Really Is
  154. What It is Like To Have a Mom That’s a Teacher Kids vs. Grown Ups
  155. What Makes A Legal Pad Legal Jackie Robinson
  156. What…What Did You Say?
  157. When Parents Play Games
  158. Who’s Your Grandaddy?
  159. Why Cheerleading Is A Sport
  160. Why Do Parents Always Make Excuses?
  161. Why I’m Glad I’m Not an Oscar Mayer Weiner
  162. Why Little Sisters Are a Pain
  163. Why Mom & Dad Should Be On “Fear Factor” Driving Me Crazy
  164. Why Worry?
  165. Why, Oh Why?

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