Law Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 29.10.2019

List of 150+ Law Research Paper Topics

  1. Aeronautics and Space
  2. Age and Crime.
  3. Aggression and Crime.
  4. American Journal of International Law
  5. Capital punishment: pros and cons. When and why it can be justified?
  6. Citizenship and Crime.
  7. Classical Criminology and its theories. Shall they be reviewed now?
  8. Comparative Study of U.S. and (other nation) Libel Law
  9. Countries with effective legal execution.
  10. Crime and Law Enforcement
  11. Crime classification systems in U.S. and worldwide
  12. Crime prevention: what can the government do to lower crime rate?
  13. Crime Reports and Statistics in (selected country) throughout 20-21 centuries. The changes
  14. Cybercrime.
  15. Cybercrimes: are the laws outdated for this type of crime?
  16. Disney and the Sonny Bono Copyright Extension Act
  17. Domestic violence: the difference between statistic and the real picture
  18. Domestic Violence.
  19. Driving to suicide. From bullying to psychological tortures
  20. Drug abuse and crimes: can the society break this connection with the help of the laws?
  21. Education, Family, and Children’s Rights
  22. Elder Abuse.
  23. Elections and Campaign Finance
  24. Employment and Crime.
  25. Environmental and Wildlife crimes
  26. Environmental Crime.
  27. Exotic crimes in different countries. Why they are considered crimes there?
  28. Experimental Criminology: failures and victories
  29. Extradition
  30. False confessions and the way of dealing with them in different countries
  31. Families and Crime.
  32. Federal Sentencing Guidelines
  33. Feminist Criminology: the rising of the new branch.
  34. Feminist Criminology.
  35. Field work of the criminologists: from the beginning to the modern world
  36. Free speech and College Campuses
  37. Gangs and the special laws dealing with gang crimes
  38. Gender and Crime.
  39. Gun Control and Firearm Possession
  40. Guns and Crime.
  41. Hate Crime.
  42. Hate crimes: their nature and the laws connected with them
  43. Healthcare, Safety, and Bioethics
  44. Homicide.
  45. How do prostitution laws differ around the world?
  46. How does a new adoption law in Russia refuse orphans their chance for happiness?
  47. How the class system and cast culture are working against the right of equality which is the natural right of a human being?
  48. Human Trafficking.
  49. Identity theft: is it a modern crime? The identity theft prevention in post-Internet era
  50. Identity Theft.
  51. Immigration and Crime.
  52. Immigration, Nationality, and Citizenship
  53. Improving America’s Schools Act
  54. Incarceration Rates in the U.S.
  55. Indigenous and Cultural Property
  56. Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
  57. Insanity defence: a loophole for criminals?
  58. Insanity Defense
  59. Intellectual Property
  60. Intelligence and Crime.
  61. Intelligence, education and types of crime
  62. International Criminal Court
  63. International Human Rights Reports
  64. International Law Practicum
  65. International Legal Materials
  66. Is it significant to give equal rights by the law to Diaspora population of a country?
  67. Judicial Monitor
  68. Juries
  69. Jury Nullification
  70. Justice Scalia’s Free Speech Decisions
  71. Juvenile courts and juvenile justice: the similarities and differences
  72. Juvenile Crime and Punishment
  73. Juvenile Delinquency.
  74. Labeling and Symbolic Interaction Theories.
  75. Law of Eminent Domain
  76. Law of Libel and Slander
  77. Law of Regulatory Takings
  78. Legal History, Traditions, and System
  79. License Plate Free Speech
  80. License Plate Readers
  81. Life Course Criminology.
  82. Local Government Issues
  83. Local Political Scandals
  84. Marriage, Divorce, and Estates
  85. Medical Rights of Youths
  86. Mental Illness and Crime.
  87. Mental illnesses and crime in different countries: similarities and differences
  88. Metropolitan Police Service (London),
  89. Minority and Human Rights
  90. Nation at Risk, A
  91. Neighborhoods and Crime.
  92. New York International Law Review
  93. No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB)
  94. Nuremberg Trials
  95. NYLS Guide to International Legal Research
  96. Offender Classification.
  97. Offender Reentry.
  98. Organizational Crime.
  99. Peers and Crime.
  100. Plants, Animals, and the Environment
  101. Plessy v. Ferguson
  102. Police–Community Relations.
  103. Policing U.S. Law Enforcement
  104. Prior Restraint and the 2011 British Super Injunction Scandal
  105. Prison System.
  106. Privacy in Internet era. Private data. Blackmailing. Revenge porn
  107. Privacy Rights and Data Protection
  108. Private International Law
  109. Problem-Solving Courts.
  110. Property and Land Rights
  111. Prostitution, slavery and human trafficking. The worldwide practices of eliminating it.
  112. Prostitution.
  113. Psychological Theories of Crime.
  114. Psychology and crime. Are some people more prone to break the law than others?
  115. Public Health and Criminal Justice.
  116. Quantitative criminology: the subject and the differences from other branches
  117. Race and Crime.
  118. Racial Profiling.
  119. Religion and Crime.
  120. Religious Laws and Religious Crimes in developing and developed countries
  121. Robbery.
  122. Routine Activities Theory.
  123. Self-control theory versus social control theory
  124. Self-Control Theory.
  125. Sex offences. Harassment. #MeToo movement and its legal consequences
  126. Sex Offenses.
  127. Should there be a law preventing cyber bullying?
  128. Social Class and Crime.
  129. Social Learning Theory.
  130. Sovereignty of Nations
  131. Strain Theories.
  132. Technology and the Justice System
  133. Terrorism as crime in different countries
  134. Texas and the libel remedy of Internet removal
  135. The Criminology of the Future: how science helps to investigate crimes?
  136. The history of Scotland Yard
  137. The impact of sociology and statistics on preventing the crime
  138. The international criminal court: when it comes into play?
  139. The International Review
  140. The principles of jury selection and nullification
  141. The principles of the police interrogation and the human rights
  142. The role of mass media in investigation: the most prominent cases
  143. The State of Libel Law in Texas
  144. The theory of broken windows: the influence of environment on the crime rate
  145. Theoretical Integration.
  146. Tort Reform
  147. United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
  148. Various laws on abortion around the world.
  149. Victimization.
  150. Weather and Crime.
  151. What initiative and protocols must be launched by the government in their law system to provide equality to the people suffering from social discrimination?
  152. What rights socially backward castes and tribes are given in different nations and how they are utilized by them?
  153. What should be done to bring the marginal section of society to the mainstream by the government law on the practical scenario?
  154. Where is the line between artistic photos and pornography?
  155. Why the same crime has such a wide range of punishments?
  156. World Trade Organization cases
  157. Wrongful convictions: how can the state undo the harm?

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