Climate Change Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 11.04.2020

List of 12 Climate Change Research Paper Topics

  1. Are gas taxes the most effective way to lower the amount of gas emitted by cars? What effect does the requirement of having a catalytic converter have on the environment? Is this more or less effective than improving the gas efficiency of vehicles?
  2. Are industries and business the major source of pollution? What role do consumers have on pollution?
  3. Compared to the horse, cars are actually an improvement for the environment. Over the years, coal power switched to hydroelectric power and the early cars became more gas efficient. How do technological advances improve the environmental sustainability of the community as a whole?
  4. During the Industrial Revolution, western nations polluted the word and ended up becoming today’s first world nations. Some third world countries have argued that they should be allowed extra time to pollute at a heavier rate, since this industrialization was the way that first world countries developed their economies. What are some of the impacts of this argument? Is it fair to hold third world nations to the same standards?
  5. How do volcanoes limit some of the effects of climate change? What chemicals in the volcanic ash cause this effect to take place?
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  7. In agriculture, mono-crops are grown as an efficient way to create a profit. How does growing a single crop effect the climate? Does this increase the production of greenhouse gases?
  8. The Asian grass, Miscanthus, is known for being carbon neutral. This means that it reduces as much carbon dioxide as it is growing as it does when it is burned. Currently, Miscanthus is being considered as an alternative energy source. Is Miscanthus a viable way to fuel the electricity production of an entire nation?
  9. What economic measures such as cap and trade are the most effective for reducing greenhouse gases?
  10. What effect did climate change have on creating the riots in countries like Syria?
  11. What is climate change?
  12. When the Kyoto Protocol was created, many developing nations such as China were not held to the same stringent standards. What effect does this have on the global climate?
  13. Why is there such a resistance among part of the community toward the idea of climate change?

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