Social Issues Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 27.12.2019

List of 40 Social Issues Research Paper Topics

  1. Abuse and neglect in asylums, orphanages, and care homes
  2. Access to the drinking water in third world countries
  3. Advertisements: are they becoming too powerful?
  4. Beauty standards as a major factor of depression
  5. Bullying at schools and colleges
  6. Church and state: shall they remain separate?
  7. Civil rights: shall they be expanded?
  8. Country-wide strikes and protests
  9. Demographic crisis
  10. Epidemics and the reaction of the society
  11. Fighting poverty in the world
  12. Fighting racism
  13. Free education for everyone: shall it be implemented?
  14. Gender discrimination and anti-harassment movements
  15. Humanitarian missions
  16. Immigration and resocialization of the immigrants.
  17. Information overload: the society is overstressed with the amount of data
  18. Internet safety
  19. Internet safety and cybercrimes
  20. Kids transitioning: shall it be allowed?
  21. Legalizing drugs: basic rights to choose or a danger to society?
  22. LGBTQ+ prides
  23. National identity versus globalization
  24. Obesity as an obstacle in social life. Fatshaming
  25. Pornography and AI sex dolls
  26. Religious gatherings and rituals
  27. School violence
  28. Sex work or paid rape?
  29. Social isolation of people with HIV/AIDS
  30. Social isolation. The hikikomori phenomenon
  31. Social stratification and inequality
  32. Sustainable consumption on the worldwide scale
  33. The fight against animal testing
  34. The issues of orphanage kids
  35. The necessity of death penalty
  36. The problem of bigotry in modern society
  37. The rights of the ethnic minorities and native people
  38. Virtual reality and virtual communities: can they substitute the real world?
  39. Women rights and transpeople rights
  40. Worldwide flashmobs

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