Basketball Research Paper Topics

List of 26 Basketball Research Paper Topics

If you have difficulty choosing an interesting sports topic to write, this article is just for you. We have done everything we can to create a list of the most inspiring and current topics that can lead you to choose this for your research. There are two possible scenarios: you can use the topic we propose or create your own creative concept. The following list includes topics such as basketball. We hope this will make you brainstorm science for valuable research!

  1. Addressing issues of racism in college basketball
  2. Aftercare for injured basketball players – The essentials
  3. Analyzing drug and steroid use in basketball
  4. Basketball and the use of advanced metrics – The journey so far
  5. Cardiovascular diseases in top basketball players – Who is at risk?
  6. College basketball – How does it impact on academic performances?
  7. College basketball: Does it influence the academic record?
  8. Does racism issues put imprint on campus basketball?
  9. How the media influences basketball?
  10. How to defend Ball Screens
  11. How to handle issues of cross gender coaching in basketball
  12. How to make the team more cooperative and friendlike
  13. Life after retirement from active basketball – Getting prepared
  14. Long-term health problems associated with the use of steroids in basketball
  15. Minimizing injuries in the course of playing basketball
  16. People who contributed much to the evolution of basketball but their input has been ignored
  17. Personalities whose contributions to the growth of basketball have been neglected
  18. Safety and Basketball – What every player should know
  19. Safety rules you should be aware of if you play basketball
  20. Taxpayers money – Its contributions towards funding of basketball
  21. The development of female basketball
  22. The history of basketball, the way the sport has been completely changed during the last decades
  23. The many essentials of basketball training
  24. The problem of cross-gender coaches
  25. The remarkable figures in the basketball world. Which personalities are now considered to be the most skilled and famous athletes? In which way do they affect the current sports events?
  26. Why are basketball players at risk to get the cardiovascular diseases?

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