Criminology Research Paper Topics

List of 112 Criminology Research Paper Topics

  1. Age and Crime.
  2. Aggression and Crime.
  3. Argue that a sentence for a particular defendant who was found guilty did not fit the crime
  4. Biological Theory.
  5. Campus Crime.
  6. Capital Punishment.
  7. Child Abuse.
  8. Citation and Content Analysis.
  9. Citizenship and Crime.
  10. Classical Criminology.
  11. Community Corrections.
  12. Convict Criminology.
  13. Crime Classification Systems: NCVS, NIBRS, and UCR.
  14. Crime Mapping.
  15. Crime Prevention.
  16. Crime Reports and Statistics.
  17. Criminal Courts.
  18. Criminal Justice Ethics.
  19. Criminal Justice Theories.
  20. Criminal Law.
  21. Criminal Specialization.
  22. Critical Criminology.
  23. Cultural Arts and Delinquency Reduction Programming.
  24. Cultural Criminology.
  25. Cultural Transmission Theory.
  26. Deterrence and Rational Choice Theories.
  27. Discuss different defenses that the accused may exercise in a criminal case
  28. Discuss legal discrimination, reasonable separation of people into categories
  29. Domestic Violence.
  30. Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) and Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring (ADAM).
  31. Drug Courts.
  32. Drugs and the Criminal Justice System.
  33. Edge Ethnography.
  34. Education and Crime.
  35. Elder Abuse.
  36. Employment and Crime.
  37. Environmental Crime.
  38. Experimental Criminology.
  39. Explain the investigative processes important for a particular criminal act
  40. Families and Crime.
  41. Felon Disenfranchisement.
  42. Feminist Criminology.
  43. Fieldwork in Criminology: Observation and Interviews.
  44. Forensic Science.
  45. Gender and Crime.
  46. Guns and Crime.
  47. Harmful Brain Chemistry: How the Brain can Increase Crime
  48. Hate Crime.
  49. How Criminologists can Reduce High Levels of Crime Studying Criminal Behavior
  50. How Criminologists can Reduce Types of Crime with Criminal Behavior
  51. How Mental Illness Encourages Criminal Behavior
  52. How Prison Encourages Social Learning Theory
  53. How Social Control Theory is Influenced by Social Disorganization Theory
  54. Human Trafficking.
  55. Identity Theft.
  56. Immigration and Crime.
  57. Intelligence and Crime.
  58. Juvenile Courts.
  59. Juvenile Delinquency.
  60. Juvenile Justice.
  61. Labeling and Symbolic Interaction Theories.
  62. Life Course Criminology.
  63. Mass Media, Crime, and Justice.
  64. Mental Illness and Crime.
  65. Neighborhood Influences on Crime.
  66. Offender Classification.
  67. Offender Reentry.
  68. Organizational Crime.
  69. Peers and Crime.
  70. Police–Community Relations.
  71. Problem-Solving Courts.
  72. Program Evaluation.
  73. Psychological Theories of Crime.
  74. Public Health and Crime.
  75. Quantitative Criminology.
  76. Race, Ethnicity, and Crime.
  77. Racial Profiling.
  78. Religion and Crime.
  79. Restorative Justice.
  80. Review the rights an accused person is entitled to under the US Constitution
  81. Routine Activities.
  82. Self-Control Theory.
  83. Sex Offenses.
  84. Social Class and Crime.
  85. Social Construction of Crime.
  86. Social Control Theory.
  87. Social Disorganization Theory.
  88. Social Learning Theory.
  89. Strain Theories.
  90. The Biology of Criminal Behavior: Whether or Not it is All in the Genes
  91. The Influence of Evolutionary Rewards on Violent Crime
  92. The Police.
  93. The Relationship between Social Control Theory and Social Disorganization Theory
  94. The Relationship between Social Disorganization Theory and Social Learning Theory
  95. The Scientific Validity of Labeling Theory
  96. The Validity of Self-Control Theory of Crime
  97. The Validity of Social Disorganization Theory
  98. The Validity of Social Learning Theory
  99. The Validity of the Rational Choice Theory
  100. Theft and Shoplifting.
  101. Theoretical Integration.
  102. Victim Services.
  103. Weather and Crime.
  104. White-Collar Crime.
  105. Why Rational Choice Theory is Invalid
  106. Why Social Disorganization Theory is Invalid
  107. Why Social Learning Theory is Invalid
  108. Why Strain Theory is Invalid
  109. Why the Examination of Criminal Behavior Helps to Handle and Prevent Crimes
  110. Wildlife Crime.
  111. Wrongful Convictions.
  112. Youth Gangs.

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