Juvenile Delinquency Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 11.04.2020
Juvenile Delinquency Research Paper Topics

List of 34 Juvenile Delinquency Research Paper Topics

  1. California is known for having a serious gang problem and many gangs recruit adolescents. Compare the approach that two different Californian cities take to deal with their delinquency problem. Which method is more effective?
  2. Discuss how juvenile delinquency affects the learning environment
  3. Discuss how juvenile delinquency can be prevented
  4. Discuss how juvenile delinquency has been handled in juvenile courts
  5. Discuss how poverty is at the center of juvenile delinquency
  6. Discuss how the environment supports juvenile delinquency in a select group of individuals
  7. Discuss how the juvenile problem is becoming worse by the day
  8. Discuss juvenile delinquency from the perspective of the Marxist crime concept
  9. Discuss the approaches that can be taken to deal with juvenile delinquency
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  11. Discuss the challenges that the 21st century adolescents are facing, hence the current issues with juvenile delinquency
  12. Discuss the importance of juvenile sentencing to the community
  13. Discuss why young individuals are more willing to commit crimes these days
  14. Does moving a troubled child to a new school help to solve some of their delinquency issues?
  15. Explain how adolescents are challenged by juvenile delinquency
  16. Explain how juvenile delinquency among females has been on the rise in the past
  17. Explain how the changes in the family setup has affected the increasing rate of juvenile delinquency
  18. Explain the role of genetics in juvenile delinquency
  19. Explain the role of society in preventing juvenile delinquency
  20. Explain the role of the family in combating juvenile delinquency
  21. Explain the role that schools have when dealing with juvenile delinquency
  22. Explain the social perspectives to which juvenile delinquency can be discussed
  23. Explain whether juvenile courts are the ideal place to handle juvenile delinquency
  24. How do juvenile delinquents perform in school? What percentage of juvenile offenders eventually drop out of high school?
  25. How does an adolescent get back to normal life after serving their time?
  26. In recent years, New York City has received a lot of attention for their stop and frisk rules. In addition to these policing techniques, the mayor of New York City has instituted other measures to prevent and stop crime. Which techniques were most effective?
  27. In what circumstances should a juvenile offender be punished as an adult? Should this be reserved for only the most serious of cases?
  28. Is there a connection between mental illness and juvenile delinquency?
  29. Provide a new approach to dealing with juvenile delinquents
  30. Should juvenile delinquents be punished or rehabilitated for their crimes? Is there any research into the efficacy of either method?
  31. What are some of the traits of the average juvenile offender? Are environmental factors like abuse, mental illness, neighborhoods or schools influential in causing crime?
  32. What are some of the ways that juvenile delinquency can be prevented?
  33. What are the rehabilitation techniques available for helping juvenile delinquents?
  34. What percentage of juvenile offenders are likely to re-offend as adults?
  35. What role does physical abuse have in causing juvenile delinquency? Are abuse victims more likely to commit a crime?

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