Funny Demonstration Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 23.07.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Funny Demonstration Speech Topics

List of 80 Funny Demonstration Speech Topics

  1. A day in your life that totally went wrong.
  2. A dream that you remember.
  3. A list of practical jokes.
  4. Bad behavior of the celebrities.
  5. Funniest things that have happened to you while writing an exam.
  6. How avoid getting punished at school.
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  8. How Not to Get Lost in a College;
  9. How to answer a phone call in a polite manner.
  10. How to avoid making eye contact with your ex
  11. How to bake a cake.
  12. How to be the perfect host.
  13. How to breakdance
  14. How to care for your pets.
  15. How to catch a person cheating.
  16. How to change a baby’s diaper.
  17. How to clean and wax a car.
  18. How to clean your cupboard.
  19. How to clean your teeth.
  20. How to Copy off of A Students;
  21. How to deal with bullies at school.
  22. How to dress like a princess
  23. How to Get a Girlfriend/Boyfriend While You’re Still a Freshman;
  24. How to Get Rid of Nosy Ears in a Room;
  25. How to get rid of the ghost in your dreams.
  26. How to get rid of your baby sitter.
  27. How to get to school on time.
  28. How to give your dog a bath.
  29. How to Have Fun During an Exam;
  30. How to Leave a Phone at Home;
  31. How to Lie with a Poker Face;
  32. How to Listen to Music During Classes so That Your Prof Doesn’t Catch You;
  33. How to make a collage.
  34. How to make jello.
  35. How to Make Jokes in Class Effectively;
  36. How to make postcards for friends staying in other cities.
  37. How to make your own lunch box.
  38. How to Memorize Lectures Instead of Gossips;
  39. How to organize a surprise party for your parent.
  40. How to Persuade an Instructor That You’ll Do Everything at Home;
  41. How to place a board game (you can pick any game).
  42. How to plant a tree.
  43. How to Play Computer Games Without Self-Reproach;
  44. How to pot flowers.
  45. How to prepare a presentation you forgot all about
  46. How to Say that You Didn’t Do Your Homework;
  47. How to Skip Lessons because of Valid Excuses.
  48. How to Spend A Day When Everything Goes Wrong;
  49. How to Stop Feeling Like a Walking Wikipedia;
  50. How to stop thinking about horror movies.
  51. How to Study Disciplines That You Don’t Really Like, but Have to Study for Because of the GPA;
  52. How to Take on a Food Challenge with Confidence;
  53. How to throw an airplane in the class.
  54. How to use a compass.
  55. How to Use Horoscope to Prevent Any Issue at College;
  56. How to Wake up After a Crazy Student Party;
  57. If you were the American Idol…
  58. Simple tricks for learning tables.
  59. Tales from scribbles on the bathroom walls.
  60. Tantrums of a five year old.
  61. The best way to eat a deviled egg without being messy
  62. The scariest story ever heard.
  63. The strangest person you’ve ever met.
  64. Tips for planning a pajama party with friends.
  65. Trivia about solar system.
  66. Unexpected troubles that you landed into.
  67. Ways to remember birthdays.
  68. What are our civic responsibilities.
  69. What are some of the odd summer jobs for kids.
  70. What are the basics of oral hygiene.
  71. What are the best excuses for missing homework.
  72. What are the best ways to stay fit.
  73. What are the rules at the nearest amusement park?
  74. What is the best thing you like about your best friend?
  75. What not to wear.
  76. What the best ways of keep your house pest free.
  77. What was the funniest prank your ever played.
  78. What was the most embarrassing moment of your life?
  79. Which is your funniest childhood memory?
  80. Who is your favorite fictional character and what you like about him/her.
  81. Your favorite actor.

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