Funny Impromptu Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 23.07.2019
Updated: 10.04.2020
Funny Impromptu Speech Topics

List of 20 Funny Impromptu Speech Topics

  1. Analyse –> Examine closely pros and cons of dating by means of a sugar daddy website. Do write with humor, otherwise choose other good funny impromptu speech topics.
  2. Argue –> Provide evidence that something is in and not out in fashion.
  3. Assess –> Determine the value of a Moon property certificate. Yes, they really exist in the real and also virtual world. And people tend to pay for it too
  4. Compare –> Discuss the quality of a being humble instead of yelling a way through life.
  5. Contrast –> Differences between women and men in dating habits.
  6. Criticize –> Judge the daily television weather forecast.
  7. Define –> Make clear what The Meaning of Life is, according to Monty Python Brian in the movie The Holy Grail.
  8. Describe –> List the do’s and don’ts for a man during a romantic dinner for two.
  9. Discuss –> The against of a fantasy resume at LinkedIn.
  10. Enumerate –> Present the steps to simple life.
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  12. Evaluate –> The usefulness of uselessness homework assignments. One of the favorite persuasive speech topics of my daughter
  13. Explain –> Make clear why we do fart, and why it’s healthy.
  14. Illustrate –> What does illustrate mean in the context of a funny impromptu speech topics assignment?
  15. Interpret –> The value of horse racing stats for gamblers.
  16. Justify –> The end justify the means no matter how unethical or immoral, ahum
  17. Outline –> How to make a funny cartoon character of your professor or public speaking instructor step-by-step.
  18. Prove –> Inventing a time machine is possible …
  19. Review –> Describe critically a hangover the day after you had a party.
  20. Summarize –> Principles of funny tv advertising commercials.
  21. Trace –> The effective step-by-step method to make studying a bit more fun.

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