2 Minute Speech Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 11.02.2020
Updated: 12.02.2020
2 Minute Speech Topics

List of 2 Minute Speech Topics

  1. A Much Needed Invention
  2. A New Rule I Would Make
  3. A Time I was Brave
  4. Bad Date Ideas
  5. Best Member of my Favorite Band
  6. Best Song to Listen to When Feeling Happy/Sad
  7. Best Thing to Do at Recess
  8. Best Toppings for a Burger
  9. Crayons or Markers: Which Are Better?
  10. Creamy or Chunky Peanut Butter
  11. Explaining Snapchat to Your Parents
  12. Facebook vs. Twitter
  13. Greatest Song Lyrics of All Time
  14. How Do I Feel when My Cell Battery is at 10%?
  15. How I Got my Driver’s License
  16. How Social Media Makes my Life Better/Worse
  17. How to Ask Someone On a Date
  18. How to Build with Lego
  19. How to Compose the Perfect Tweet
  20. How to Eat an Apple
  21. How to Eat Pancakes
  22. How to Effectively Fake Being Sick
  23. How to Have Fun in the Rain
  24. How to Make Peanut Butter and Jelly
  25. How to Pick a Book to Read
  26. How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse
  27. How to Tell a Fact from an Opinion
  28. If I Could Eat Only One Food for the Rest of My Life
  29. If I Could Only Listen to One Song for the Rest of My Life
  30. If I Had $1,000
  31. If I Had $100
  32. If I Had a Superpower
  33. If Time Travel Were Real
  34. iPhone vs. Android
  35. Is Summer Better than Winter?
  36. Is there Value in Homework?
  37. Ketchup On Your French Fries: Yes or No
  38. My After School Job
  39. My Best Friend
  40. My Biggest Fear
  41. My Dream Car
  42. My Favorite Animal
  43. My Favorite Animal at the Zoo
  44. My Favorite Cereal
  45. My Favorite Food for Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  46. My Favorite Ice Cream Flavor
  47. My Favorite Instagram Filter
  48. My Favorite Sandwich
  49. My Favorite Snapchat Filter
  50. My Favorite Stuffed Animal
  51. My Favorite T-Shirt
  52. My Halloween Costume
  53. Naps: Yay or Nay?
  54. One Movie I Still Love from When I Was Little
  55. Pineapple on Pizza
  56. Pizza Crust: Yes or No?
  57. Prom: Yay or Nay?
  58. Sandwiches: With or Without Crusts
  59. Should School Start Later?
  60. Something I Love To Do for Fun
  61. Something That Scares Me about Graduating
  62. Spotify vs. Pandora
  63. Teaching Grandma to Use a Smartphone
  64. Texting or Calling?
  65. The Best Advice I Ever Got
  66. The Best App on My Phone
  67. The Best Book I’ve Ever Read
  68. The Best Cookie
  69. The Best Day of My Life
  70. The Best Lifehack I Ever Heard
  71. The Best Place to Go in Summer
  72. The Best Thing about A Farm
  73. The Best Thing about Having a Dog/Cat
  74. The Best Thing about My Mom/Dad/Sister/Brother
  75. The Best Thing about October
  76. The Best Thing That Is the Color Red/Blue/Orange
  77. The Best Toy Ever
  78. The Biggest Lesson I Have Learned
  79. The First Thing I Ever Bought for Myself
  80. The Funniest Thing to Do with My Mom/Dad
  81. The Greatest Animal on the Farm
  82. The Greatest Purchase I Ever Made
  83. The Grossest Pizza Topping
  84. The Hardest Thing I Ever Did
  85. The Most Annoying Thing my Mom/Dad Ever Did
  86. The Most Disgusting Household Chore
  87. The Smartest Cartoon Character
  88. The Stupidest Rule My Parents Have
  89. The Tastiest Fruit
  90. The Worst Chore
  91. The Worst Superpower
  92. Things I Could Have Done Instead of Preparing this Speech
  93. Three Things I Can’t Live without
  94. What I’m Dreading about College
  95. What Is the Best Color Apple?
  96. What Is the Best Letter of the Alphabet?
  97. What Is the Best Pet?
  98. What Is Thunder?
  99. When I Grow Up
  100. When I Learned to Ride a Bike
  101. When I Learned to Tie My Shoes
  102. Where Do Rainbows Come From?
  103. Who is My Hero?
  104. Why Does It Rain?
  105. Why I Like Being the Oldest/Youngest Sibling
  106. Why I Love/Hate Vampires
  107. Why Is the Sky Blue?
  108. Why Video Games Are Good
  109. Would You Rather Use Textbooks or Tablets in Class?