Food Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 11.04.2020
Food Research Paper Topics

List of 30 Food Research Paper Topics

  1. Analyze how fast food restaurants work under capitalism.
  2. Analyze the nutritional content of the menu in a fast food restaurant (of your choice).
  3. Compare employee motivation at McDonald’s (up to your choice) with another fast food restaurant.
  4. Describe what features of an oligopoly popular fast food restaurants have. What techniques do they use?
  5. Explain why your small town needs more fast food restaurants.
  6. Find out the difference between regular and cage-free eggs used in the fast food industry. Why do fast food restaurants use such eggs?
  7. How biotechnology and research in this arena is giving a hope to the people to fulfil their nutritional requirement at cheap price?
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  9. How can you eat healthier if you choose fast food? Explain where calories are hidden. Is it possible to maintain a balanced diet eating in fast food restaurants?
  10. How to bring revolution in the field of organic products and their growth to make the society fit and diseases free?
  11. Imagine that you are an owner of a fast food restaurant. How would you attract new customers? Create a feasibility plan with a list of actions.
  12. Is it possible to eat healthy food in a fast food restaurant?
  13. Is it true that free radicals are the biggest cause of cancer in the body of a human being?
  14. Is it true that poor people could also be able to purchase nutritional supplements at low cost?
  15. Role of antioxidant food in the proper functioning of body and its growth with highest level.
  16. Role of international conventions and organizations in the growth of organic food material and supplements.
  17. Should the government attract restaurants that serve healthy food with loyal taxation and bonuses?
  18. Should we replace cafeterias with fast food restaurants?
  19. Success in the food quality enhancement so far and its near future in the one decade.
  20. Success of Biotechnology so far in the enhancement of quality and quantity of food products.
  21. What are free radicals and how they harm the human body?
  22. What are the main components of organic food that save us from the harmful chemicals of inorganic food products?
  23. What are the main reasons why people eat at fast food restaurants? Are there any alternatives?
  24. What could be the important steps in increasing antioxidant food material by replacing it with other harmful eating products which are full of Trans and saturated fats?
  25. What is the difference between organic and inorganic food that we consume?
  26. What type of research is being carried out by the scientists to give high quality food products to the people?
  27. What would be the result of 100% organic food consumption across world?
  28. Why antioxidant food products are good for our health and how they deal with the free radicals in our body?
  29. Why are fast food restaurants so popular? How does it affect society?
  30. Why are McDonald’s, Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts, and other fast food restaurants still popular in the US despite all the negative opinions?
  31. Why scientists are giving more and more stress over growing organic food material as compared to inorganic products?

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