British Literature Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 15.04.2019
Updated: 12.04.2020

List of 52 British Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. A view of women in the works of William Shakespeare: a powerful character of Lady Macbeth.
  2. Books on World War II: specific topics and typical characters.
  3. British writers and the printing press: the impact on the interest of the middle class in literature in the XIX century.
  4. Charles Dickens and his picture of Victorian England.
  5. Compare and contrast the concept of virtue as highlighted by 18th Century writers in Britain and France, highlighting a number of prominent reference material
  6. Compare the characters in two different famous British novels.
  7. Demarcation of class in the XVIII century: the theme of a vengeance.
  8. Discuss how English language has advanced through the years, and how it has affected the language choices that we have today.
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  10. Discuss how the 18th century British Novel altered the course of history as we know it today
  11. Discuss some of the controversies that shrouded the 17th century English Literature
  12. Discuss the image and theme of middle English romance in the Medieval Siege
  13. Discuss the major classifications of English Literature, providing examples and highlighting some of the popular writers and their works as you proceed
  14. Discuss the reason for the popularity of short stories from the perspective of British Literature
  15. Discuss the role of British women fiction writers between 1900 and 1950
  16. Discuss, analyze and criticize Alice Kessler-Harris and William McBrien’s work, Faith of a (Woman) Writer
  17. Do modern British Literature materials differ from the old ones in terms of passing the information?
  18. Do most of the British Literature books reflect what is happening in the society?
  19. Do most of the British Literature materials help in the development of the society?
  20. English prose fiction has come a long way. Discuss the highlights of this development between the years 1600 and 1740
  21. Explain how the element of romanticism is portrayed in British Literature
  22. Give a detailed account of the history of English literature
  23. Give a detailed account of the history of the English novel, between the years 1700 and 1780
  24. How can British Literature be used to warn against bad political leadership?
  25. How do people benefit from reading ancient British Literature books?
  26. How does British Literature differ from other forms of literature?
  27. How does British Literature help in the installation of unity among different people?
  28. Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: the different forms of monstrosity in the novel.
  29. Orphans as a popular theme in British literature: the character of Oliver Twist.
  30. Poetry of the World War I: the use of violent imagery.
  31. Provide an accurate description of the events that might or will lead to further development of English literature and advancement into the future
  32. The common gender issues addressed in British literature.
  33. The differences between how villains and anti-heroes are portrayed in King Lear.
  34. The history of female writers in Britain: the case study of Agatha Christie.
  35. The idea of a Utopian civilization: the points of view of different British writers.
  36. The impact of the Victorian period on the modern literary works.
  37. The influence of different cultures on British literature.
  38. The innovations in the writing style of William Shakespeare.
  39. The loss of innocence in Lord of the Flies by William Golding.
  40. The main characteristics of the works of the Lake Poets.
  41. The main reasons why the detective novels became so popular in the XIX century.
  42. The manner of character evolution in the works of Charles Dickens.
  43. The personality of William Shakespeare: myths and facts.
  44. The reasons why some books are considered literary classics. Analyze whether books about Harry Potter can become classics.
  45. The role of supernatural in Macbeth: a case study of the three witches.
  46. The theme of adultery in Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter.
  47. The theme of collectivism versus individualism in Oliver Twist.
  48. The theme of talent in Milton’s On His Blindness.
  49. The typical idea of love versus the idea of a romantic love presented in the books written by Charlotte Bronte.
  50. What are some of the most commonly known British Literature materials on the Second World War?
  51. What are some of the well-known British Literature books that give information on education and development in society?
  52. Who were the top British Literature writers in the history of Britain during the 18th century?
  53. With an inference to a number of prominent texts, discuss the nature of the modern English Novel, and highlight the similarities and differences that exist with the conventional English Novel from the 17th Century

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