Great Gatsby Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 12.04.2020

List of 57 Great Gatsby Research Paper Topics

  1. A voice full of money: what other traits does the author convey in Daisy’s character?
  2. Analyze how the author conveys a notion of the American Dream through symbols and metaphors
  3. Analyze the relationship between Nick Carraway and Gatsby
  4. Analyze the way Fitzgerald uses imagery to convey his ideas.
  5. Are the rich in the novel really so careless as everyone believes them to be?
  6. Are there any moral characters in The Great Gatsby?
  7. Can Daisy and Jordan be considered a perfect role model for the American upper class?
  8. Can Gatsby be considered a romantic hero? A villain?
  9. Can Gatsby’s feelings for Daisy be considered love?
  10. Can the ending be considered expectable? Just?
  11. Can the novel be considered a satirical representation of the society?
  12. Can we really blame anyone for Gatsby’s death?
  13. Choose a morally ambiguous character and analyze it
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  15. Compare and contrast the main female characters in the book
  16. Compare and contrast the main male characters in the book
  17. Critical comparison of the movie and the novel
  18. Describe the representation of money and its influence in the book
  19. Discuss female characters and their significance in the novel.
  20. Does carelessness stand for dissatisfaction in the novel?
  21. Does love play any part in The Great Gatsby?
  22. Fidelity and infidelity in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
  23. Happiness in the book: can any of the characters be considered happy?
  24. How do secondary characters add up to the storyline?
  25. How does Nick Carraway, the narrator, go through any changes in the course of the novel?
  26. How does the author describe the concept of isolation?
  27. How does the author manage to align the storyline and the symbolism used in the narration?
  28. How does the author use geographical setting to create the contrast between rich and poor?
  29. Is Fitzgerald really criticising the notion of the American Dream?
  30. Is Nick a part of the rich society? Poor people? Middle class? Justify your choice.
  31. Jimmy Gatz Vs. Jay Gatsby: who is the real character in the novel?
  32. Modernism in The Great Gatsby
  33. The concept of broken hopes in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
  34. The concept of disillusionment in The Great Gatsby
  35. The concept of social injustice in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
  36. The green light in Daisy’s window: what does it represent?
  37. The metaphorical meaning of the Valley of Ashes
  38. The real meaning of ‘great’ in the title of the novel
  39. The representation of the poor in the novel
  40. The representation of the rich in the novel
  41. The role a New York setting plays in the storyline
  42. The role of the invisible middle class in The Great Gatsby
  43. The symbolic meaning of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby
  44. What are the central themes in The Great Gatsby?
  45. What does Gatsby really live for: the past or the present?
  46. What does the storyline really tell us about American identity?
  47. What is the hidden meaning of the novel’s title?
  48. What is the least favorable character in The Great Gatsby?
  49. What is the meaning of time in the novel?
  50. What is the metaphorical meaning of color in the novel?
  51. What is the most favorable character in The Great Gatsby?
  52. What is the significance of the Jazz Epoch setting in the novel?
  53. What part does alcohol play in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby?
  54. What part does Nick really play in the story?
  55. What part does sex play in the narration? Love? Affection?
  56. What role does the money play in Fitzgerald’s novel?
  57. Who is the loneliest character in The Great Gatsby? Prove your point.
  58. Who is the real hero in Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby?

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