Information Technology Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 04.03.2020
Information Technology Research Paper Topics

List of 116 Information Technology Research Paper Topics

  1. 3-D Algorithms – The utilization of computer programming languages combined with game theory to develop 3-D algorithms and using them in turn to develop video games or art.
  2. 3-D Rendering Algorithms
  3. Ad Server
  4. Ad Server – The use of technology for advertising.
  5. Advertisement Management System
  6. An Adaptive Soft Switching Median Filter For Impulse Noise Removal
  7. Artificial intelligence – This topic has made its name long back in the history of technology but is ever evolving. It mainly deals with the use of technology to make devices behave like human beings.
  8. Assessment of Robot Assisted Surgery
  9. Auto Text Summarization
  10. Auto text summarization – This deals with to the point representation of electronic data.
  11. Automated Faults Tracking System
  12. Automatic Retrieval of Material from Storage
  13. Aware Bloom Filter
  14. Bandwidth Monitor
  15. Basic input/output system (BIOS) Functions and Modifications
  16. Business Protocol
  17. Business Protocols – The set of rules or guidelines that are not defined yet followed in the technology business field.
  18. Claytronics Future Applications
  19. Clinic Management System
  20. Cloud Computing – It is the latest technology that has made a huge change in the way data is stored and processed in servers.
  21. Common Allotment Process
  22. Comparative Study of Windows, Linux, Unix, and Ubuntu
  23. Compression in Flash-based Databases
  24. Computer Graphics Development – It is based on the use of software to create image data which in turn is used from videos to architecture and a lot more.
  25. Controlling Pornography over the Internet
  26. Customer Relationship Management
  27. Data Mining – To detect technical fraud and theft. It deals with protection of online card usage.
  28. Data Security – It is mainly based on the misuse of technology. Taking advantage of the loopholes in technology to cause serious damage by hacking or phishing information.
  29. Dealership Management System
  30. Defect Tracking Tool
  31. Design and Study of Single Buffered Routers
  32. Distributed Data Mining in Credit Card Fraud Detection
  33. Document Management System
  34. E-Billing – The summary of bills or expenditure arising out of online shopping and leading to their mode of payment.
  35. E-commerce and the World Wide Web: An Evolving Relationship
  36. E-Logistics For Warehouse Management
  37. E-Waste Management
  38. eBilling
  39. Ecommerce Storefront Application
  40. Electronic surveillance – The use of technology to monitor important and secured places with the use of camera and video devices to protect them from possible dangers.
  41. Electronic surveillance In Modern World
  42. Employee Profile Management System
  43. Enterprise Level System Information Management
  44. Evolving Human Computer Interaction
  45. Future of Bioinformatics and Biometrix
  46. Future of Social Media
  47. Genetic Engineering and Role of Computers in It
  48. Growing Challenges in Website Development
  49. Guest Tracker and Hospitality Management system
  50. Haulage Management System
  51. Homeopathic Management System
  52. Honeypots
  53. Hospital Administration System
  54. Hostel Management
  55. Human Modeling and Simulation Future
  56. Human Resource Information System
  58. Imaginaire – The use of technology to share your photos over the internet with your friends.
  59. Implementing Real-Time Programmable Shading
  60. Intelligent Car Transportation System
  61. Interactive Wireless Solutions for Next Generation Education System
  62. Internet Censorship – A debatable topic based on the information flow over the internet.
  63. Internet Shopping – The use of the internet to purchase almost everything from the comfort of your home.
  64. Internet Shopping Cart System
  65. Inventory Management System
  66. Issues of Privacy and Databases in the Ever Broadening IT World
  67. Just Another Micromouse
  68. Lab Management System
  69. Learning Relevance Order Over Graphically Linked Objects
  70. Lexico-Semantic Networks
  71. Loan Automation System
  72. Making Parallel Packet Switches Practical
  73. Matrimonial Website
  74. Medical Reference System
  75. Multilayer Switch In Networking
  76. Multimedia over ATM Networks
  77. Network Congestion Control Program (NCP)
  78. Network Navigator
  79. News Feeder
  80. Object Tracking Using Radial Basis Function Networks
  81. Office Automation System
  82. Online Airline Ticket Reservation System
  83. Online Enterprise Resource Planning
  84. Online Student Feedback System
  85. Online Vehicle Rental System
  86. Optimizing parallel queries – This is related to usage of a database to retrieve stored information or data with the help of Structured query language.
  87. Parent Record Keeping and Billing
  88. Partition-Based Median Type Filters For Suppressing Impulse Noise In Digital Images
  89. Payroll System
  90. pFusion
  91. Pharmacy Database Management System
  92. Photoshop Management
  93. Policy Management System
  94. Prisoner’s Dilemma
  95. Project Tracking System
  96. Proxy Server
  97. Proxy Server – A process of connecting computer networks to access or process information.
  98. RFID Security
  99. Rich Internet Application For Weekly Automatic College Timetable Generation
  100. Robotic surgery – One of the latest achievements of technology in using the help of robotics to achieve success in medical surgery.
  101. Salt & Pepper Noise Removal Using Stacked Adaptive Median Filter
  102. Sensor Networks Evolution: Opportunities and Challenges
  103. Server Log Inferer for Apache
  104. Simulation & Analysis of Musculosekeltal Systems
  105. Socio-Academic Network for Universities
  106. Speech Recognition And Speech Synthesis System For Linux
  107. Structure-Adaptive Hybrid Vector Filter For Color Image Restoration
  108. The Future of Artificial Intelligence
  109. The Future of Computational Photography
  110. Tracking of Defects – A system to track defects or issues that might result out of the development stage.
  111. Train Scheduling and Simulation
  112. Video Over Variable Bandwidth Links
  113. Virtual Router
  114. Web based Named Entity Recognition
  115. Wolverine: Traffic and Road Condition Estimation using Smartphone Sensors
  116. XML Parser For E-Mail Resumes

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