Geology Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 09.01.2020
Geology Paper Topics

List of 26 Geology Research Paper Topics

  1. A historical view on marine geology.
  2. Coastal Erosion: Causes and Cures
  3. Complex Geological Structure of the Alps
  4. Deforestation: a study of the long term effects
  5. Formation of the Indigenous Rocks
  6. Fresh water of the future: a study of the transformation of ocean water
  7. Geo-tour to California: study of the geological processes
  8. Geographical Significance of the Earth’s Surface
  9. How old are the biggest lakes in the US like Lake Superior, Lake Huron, and Lake Michigan?
  10. How people gained knowledge about Earth and its properties before having complex tools for it.
  11. How similar are the properties of Earth in the North and the South of the USA?
  12. Hydrothermal vents: a study of the land types association
  13. Indiana: a study of the geology and the coastal erosion
  14. Is it safe for ecology to mine coal as it is used now?
  15. Kimberlite pipes and diamonds: study of their connection
  16. Natural gas: a study into the formation
  17. Solar energy: studying the possible energy source of the future
  18. The California Gold Rush: the effects
  19. The Formation of the Great Lakes: a study of the volcanic activity in the area
  20. What are sedimentology studies and what tools are mostly needed for them to get the necessary results?
  21. What are the physical causes of mountains changing shape?
  22. What are the properties of Yellowstone Round in comparison to other similar areas?
  23. What does Earth science mean and how can this term be used correctly, and how others understand it.
  24. What environmental issues can be solved thanks to geology?
  25. What is stellar evolution and how to study it? What are its most notable experiments in the last ten years?
  26. What was in place of these lakes before they were formed.

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