Finance Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 23.07.2019
Updated: 11.04.2020
Finance Paper Topics

List of 56 Financial Research Paper Topics

  1. A research in economies of scale and scope in banking.
  2. A research o how to increase financial security in all banking systems.
  3. A research on financial innovations and the demand for money.
  4. A research on future markets and transaction costs.
  5. A research on how the stock market could learn to live with index futures and options.
  6. A research on the banking crisis from a macro economic perspective.
  7. A research on whether there are speculative bubbles in stock prices
  8. A theoretical model on trade credit and credit rationing.
  9. An investigation on risk based capital standard for commercial banks.
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  11. Discuss how sports brands have been turned into international franchises since the turn of the century
  12. Discuss how the developments in the third world countries are making them ripe for business
  13. Discuss the benefits and disadvantages of having a flat tax system in place
  14. Discuss the difference between traditional finance and behavioral finance
  15. Discuss the differences and similarities between finance and accounting
  16. Explain some of the challenges that are faced by the housing industry in Thailand, and compare these with your country
  17. Explain some of the reasons behind the success that has been enjoyed by the micro finance sector in Pakistan
  18. Explain the importance of the accrual concept in finance
  19. Explain the role that donor funding has played in the impoverishment of nations
  20. How are Economics and Finance Entwined?
  21. How one can use savings account to improve the financial status of their business?
  22. How you can predict the rate of inflation using short term interest rates
  23. Investigation on changes in bank characteristics.
  24. Lines of Credit in Small Firm Finance
  25. Money cannot buy happiness. Discuss based on any principles of finance that you have learned.
  26. Principles of Corporate Finance
  27. Provide a detailed description of what makes corporate finance an important part of the curriculum
  28. Provide an overview of the North America Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and what it means for the labor movements
  29. Restructuring and assessment of economies of scale in banking.
  30. The Evolution of the Subprime Mortgage Market
  31. The role of interstate banking in the diffusion of electronic payment.
  32. What are some of the arguments that you can put forward in support of the privatization of social security?
  33. What are some of the ethical concerns that are associated with corporate finance, and how can these be handled with ease?
  34. What are the discriminations in consumer credit markets?
  35. What are the effects of prohibiting reserve account over credits?
  36. Distribution and utilization of incomes as a source of economic growth of an enterprise.
  37. Federal taxes that legal entities pay and their economic importance.
  38. Finance as a tool that regulates the economics.
  39. Finance in join-stock companies.
  40. Financial mechanisms and their role in the execution of financial policies.
  41. Formation and development of financial resources by non-commercial organizations.
  42. Insurance and its role in the development of economics.
  43. Items of expense in a state budget and their effectiveness.
  44. Mobilization of financial resources by joint-stock companies.
  45. Principles that build up the taxation systems in different developed countries.
  46. Social security and its functions.
  47. Taxes as a price for the services that the state renders.
  48. Taxes that natural persons pay and their economic importance.
  49. The budget system of the United States; it’s drawbacks and advantages.
  50. The development of the financial system of the United States of America in the nineteenth century.
  51. The finance management in the United States and factors that can make it perfect.
  52. The financial integration of developed countries.
  53. The financial policy and its execution in the United States of America.
  54. The national debt and ways to manage it.
  55. The role of financial markets in mobilization and distribution of financial resources.
  56. The role the United States play in international currency operations.
  57. The state budget as a tool of economics.

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