Geography Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 23.07.2019
Updated: 12.04.2020

List of 64 Geography Research Paper Topics

  1. Asian countries’ adaptation to the rainy seasons.
  2. Cities vulnerable to the sea-level rising.
  3. Composition and structure of the atmosphere in industrial cities.
  4. Describe and analyse the continental drift from the time of Pangaea through to the present day.
  5. Describe the change in the landscape of Japan following the tsunami of 2011.
  6. Describe the history of the political geography of Britain.
  7. Discuss how glaciers are formed.
  8. Discuss the rise of public housing and its relationship (if any) to the decline of the housing industry.
  9. Economic inequality of African countries.
  10. Effects of volcanic action on land fertility.
  11. Emerging trends in grassland agriculture: family farming in post-wheat board epoch, production of biofuel and resistance towards genetically modified foods (GMO)
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  13. Evaluate the climate change of [a specific area].
  14. Evidence of Atlantida existence.
  15. Explain the main factors and indicators of climate change.
  16. Explore the economic, social and environmental impacts of oil and gas in [a specific area].
  17. Factors determining European biosphere.
  18. Formation of island countries and what keeps them together.
  19. Geomorphological changes in badland areas.
  20. Global business nowadays.
  21. Groundwater depletion problem in the US.
  22. Historical geographies of science
  23. History of cartography
  24. How and why do earthquakes happen?
  25. How and why do volcanoes erupt?
  26. How did wet summer affect agriculture production in Minnesota compared to agricultural production during cold summer?
  27. How diseases of South Africa spread.
  28. How do earthquakes occur?
  29. How important a factor for its climate is the Sahara’s position on the globe?
  30. How important is flooding in sustaining human life?
  31. How volcanoes affect the climate of neighboring settlements.
  32. Identify and discuss the key factors of coastal erosion.
  33. If the World were a village: Population aspect.
  34. Income and Wealth Distribution in the Third World.
  35. India as a culture hearth.
  36. Land use and demographic changes in your area
  37. Landslide hazard mapping and possible solutions
  38. Major causes of erosion and mitigation measures
  39. Map the hazards of landslides in [a specific area].
  40. Market geography of Island States.
  41. Melting of glaciers and the consequences.
  42. Methods of controlling galley erosion in western Virginia
  43. Military geography: History and development.
  44. Natural architecture: Arches around the globe.
  45. Oceanography: Indian, Atlantic, and Pacific Currants.
  46. Patterns between healthcare and environment in China.
  47. Pedology of African countries: Soil life.
  48. Political Geography: Israel-Arab problem.
  49. Relative contribution of weather variables such as temperature, wind, snow etc. on native grassland vegetation.
  50. Roots of Pangea rifting.
  51. Scythians’ settlement movements.
  52. Social economic and environmental impacts of oil and gas exploration in Nigeria(your town probably)
  53. The climate of Israel and how the locals fight the heat.
  54. The growth of the Indian population and how it affects the environment.
  55. The impact of modern ways of farming on agriculture production
  56. The issue of aging infrastructure.
  57. The principles of relativism in geography
  58. The rising global warming and the Planet Earth
  59. The role of human activities in climate change
  60. The secret of Bermuda Triangle.
  61. The study of environmental determinism: How societies depend on the world around.
  62. Urbanization and expansion of big cities.
  63. What can we do with our waste? Suggest an alternative to burying our rubbish.
  64. What is a volcanic eruption?
  65. Why do some areas become urban areas?

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