Theatre Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 23.07.2019
Updated: 12.04.2020

List of 35 Theatre Research Paper Topics

  1. Artaud’s influence on theatre
  2. Commercialization of community theatre
  3. David Belasco, Theatrical Producer
  4. Erwin Piscator and projected scenery
  5. Eugene O’Neill and the Provincetown Players
  6. Explain instances and description of science in European theatric presentations
  7. Function of Music in Theatre
  8. Gender bias in European society
  9. Influence of puppetry on cartoons today
  10. Infusion of technology in theatre
  11. Josef Svoboda, master scenographer
  12. Morality and wealth in famous European plays
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  14. My Initial Impression of the Acting
  15. Religious influence in development of theatre
  16. Richard Foreman and the Ontological/Hysterical Theatre
  17. The dramatic structure in the form of racism
  18. The effects of WWII on social development in arts
  19. The entry of 3D and its impact on theatre going experience
  20. The Living Theatre
  21. The most influential elements of the Elizabethan era theatre culture
  22. The place of war in fueling nationalism
  23. The role of children in European theatre performances
  24. The similarities and differences between American and Chinese operas
  25. The use of costumes to represent history on stage
  26. The use of propagandist methods to spread fascism
  27. The use of theatre as a political tool
  28. Theater of the absurd
  29. Theatre as a class in philosophy
  30. Theatre as a social commentary tool
  31. Theatre as a symbol of nationalism and its place in European history
  32. Theatre as the origin of liberalism in Europe
  33. Theatre in the age of home entertainment
  34. Theatre in the age of Shakespeare
  35. When theatre becomes blasphemous
  36. Who Was Most To Blame For The Death Of Eva Smith?

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