Mechanical Engineering Thesis Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 22.03.2019
Updated: 17.07.2019

List of 115 Mechanical Engineering Thesis Topics

  1. Air Defense Gun
  2. Air Driven Engine
  3. Air Engine
  4. AirCraft Auto Pilot Roll Control System
  5. All Terrain Vehicle Versatile Mobile Platform
  6. Ancient Roman Construction: Where Architecture and Mechanical Engineering Meet
  7. Auto Braking System
  8. Auto Turning Fuel Valve
  9. Automatic Bottle Filling System
  10. Automatic Conveyor for Industrial Automation
  11. Automatic Design Of Wiring Pattern
  12. Automatic Guided Vehicles
  13. Automatic Laminating System
  14. Automatic Pneumatic Bumper
  15. Automatic Rain Operated Wiper
  16. Automatic Reverse Braking System
  17. Automatic Saw Cutting
  18. Automatic Speed Breaking Systems
  19. Automatic Tyre Pressure Inflation System
  20. Automobile Surveillance
  21. Black Box For Vehicles
  22. Bombon Bridge
  23. Buoyancy Shoe
  24. Circular Cutting Machine
  25. Coconut Dehusking Machine
  26. Composite Parabolic Leaf Spring
  27. Compressed Air Production Using Vehicle Suspension
  28. Computers and the Brain: Mechanical Engineering Connections
  29. Content Based Search Of Mechanical Assemblies
  30. Conveyer for Quality Control
  31. Cryogenic Rocket Engine Hydrogen Fuel System
  32. Cutting Rewinding Machine
  33. Daily Duties of Mechanical Engineers
  34. Design and Fabrication of Domestic Refrigeration Unit
  35. Design Of An Auto-Tilting Car
  36. Development of Vision Systems for Micro Assembly Operations
  37. Digital Drips Monitor & Alarm
  38. Dynamic Speed Governor
  39. Electricity Generation from Speed Breaker
  40. Electro Magnetic Clutch
  41. Film Roll Cutter
  42. Frictionless Electromagnetic Braking System
  43. Fuel Injection in the Compression Ignition Engine
  44. Fuzzy Logic Vehicle Parking System
  45. Geothermal Heating and Cooling
  46. Ground Source Cooling System
  47. History of Mechanical Engineering: Your Favorite Time Period
  48. HNC Engineering Project Ideas or Topics
  49. HNC Mechatronics Engineering Project Engineering Design Module
  50. How Computer Aided Manufacturing, the Result of Mechanical Engineering, Creates Top-Tier Products for the Masses
  51. How Mechanical Engineers Develop the Machines which Produce Energy, Including Wind Power Machines and Power Stations
  52. How to Test Tools Which Are Created by Mechanical Engineers
  53. How Wave Guides and Mathematical Optimization Are Used in Modern Mechanical Engineering
  54. How Your Favorite New Mechanical Device Was Developed and Designed
  55. Huge List of Mechanical and Automobile Projects – Part 2
  56. Hydraulic Escalator
  57. Intelligent Reverse Braking System
  58. Key Controlled Forklift
  59. Light Following Robot
  60. Low Cost Anti-Lock Braking
  61. LPG-Refrigerator
  62. Magnetic Braking System
  63. Magneto Abrasive Flow Machining
  64. Mechanical Braking System
  65. Mechanical Engineering and Clean Water: How to Solve the Biggest Crisis on Earth
  66. Mechanical Four Wheels Steering
  67. Mechatronics Engineering Project Ideas or Topics
  68. Mechatronics Projects Engineering Students
  69. Mechatronics/Automation Projects
  70. Microcontroller Based Vehicle Fare Meter
  71. Mileage Projector
  72. Mobile Phone Holder for Automobile Steering Wheel
  73. Modern Use of Ceramic Engineering
  74. Multi Agri Cutter
  75. Multi-View Orthographic Projections in Modern Engineering
  76. New York’s Famous Architecture: The Use of Mechanical Engineering to Make Tallest Buildings
  77. Paint Mixer Machine
  78. Pedal Controlled Mobile Charger cum Emergency Light
  79. Pedaling Dress Washing Machine
  80. Plate Freezer
  81. Pneumafil Controller
  82. Pneumatic Forging Machine
  83. Power Transmission in Automobiles
  84. Quantum Mechanical Descriptions of the Modern Computer
  85. Radial Piston Engine
  86. Reductionism and Its Relation to Quantum Mechanical Descriptions of the Human Mind
  87. Robotic Arm
  88. Robotic Manipulator Arm
  89. Robotic Trolley For Material Handling
  90. Rollator’s Parking Brake System
  91. Rotary Drum Vacuum Filter
  92. Self Excited Vibratory Drilling
  93. Single Cylinder Doubleacting Pump
  94. Solar Cooler
  95. Speed Vehicle Sensing
  96. Stair Climbing Robot
  97. Standard Mechanical Engineering’s Reliance upon Mathematics and Physics
  98. Steam Power Plant
  99. Sterling Engine
  100. Student Involvement in Engineering Research at the Undergraduate Level
  101. Thermal Management for Individual Electronic Devices and Electronic Systems
  102. Thermal Refrigeration Based Projects
  103. Traction Control System
  104. Two Stroke Petrol Engine Test Rig
  105. Understanding the Pyramids: How Mechanical Engineering Explains History
  106. Unified Wheel Opener
  107. Unraveling the Secrets of the Mayans: Using Mechanical Engineering
  108. V Net Fence Weaving Machine
  109. Vacuum Braking System
  110. Vehicle due Immobilization Using PC
  111. Vision Based Mobile Robot Navigation
  112. Visual Tracking of Indoor Flying Robots
  113. Wall Following Robot
  114. Wind Energy Vehicle
  115. Yarn Breakage Monitor

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