Humanities Research Paper Topics

by Loraine Walters
Created: 14.05.2019
Updated: 10.01.2020
Humanities Paper Topics

List of 49 Humanities Research Paper Topics

  1. American Distress and Contemporary Art
  2. Appalachian Language and Regional Identity
  3. Artists in Times of War
  4. Can culture be seen as a natural reaction of an intelligent species to continued existence?
  5. Can isolation be seen to promote the development of more natural cultural systems?
  6. Color and the Education Experience
  7. Contemporary Music and Political Commentary
  8. Could human civilization have evolved without the use of spoken language?
  9. Cults and Modern Religious Movements
  10. Dystopian Exploration: Brave New World, A Clockwork Orange and Fahrenheit 451
  11. Gender and the Education Experience
  12. Has Aristotle truly earned the right to be considered a philosophical giant?
  13. Historical Tension Between Science and Religion
  14. How has technology affected the creation, acquisition and distribution of art?
  15. How is the creation of art related to the development of empathy?
  16. Human and Animal Sacrifice in Religion
  17. Human Beings and Violence
  18. Human Subcultures
  19. Humanities and the Age of Information
  20. Humanities Versus The Sciences
  21. In what was has the Music industry benefited from the Industrial revolution?
  22. Is the term ‘civilization’ a useful one with its previous connotations of xenophobia?
  23. Jane Austen and 18th Century Conventions of Feminism
  24. Joe Hill and Early Labor Struggles
  25. Mao Tse Tung and Manufacturing Consent
  26. Mayan Art and Society
  27. Music and Political Propaganda
  28. Perspective Pathways to Greater Human Flourishing
  29. Photography in Shaping Public Opinion
  30. Racism and the Human Family Unit
  31. Should the population be reduced to levels that natural resources can sustainably maintain?
  32. Social Darwinism
  33. Social Media and Modern Human Interactions
  34. The Age of Enlightenment
  35. The Application of Socrates to 21st Century Western Democracy
  36. The Beat Generation: Kerouac, Miller and Burrows
  37. The Bible and the Development of US Democracy
  38. The Harlem Renaissance in the African American Experience
  39. The Humanities and Definitions of Freedom
  40. The Importance of Studying Humanities
  41. The Industrial Revolution and Human Identity
  42. The Koran and Middle Eastern Politics
  43. The Odyssey and Gender Expectations
  44. The Printing Press and Dissemination of Ideas
  45. The Reformation in Art
  46. The Religions of Abraham: Modern Political Implications
  47. The Role of Liberal Arts Education in the 21st Century
  48. Theology and Medicine
  49. Western Humanities

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